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This article cannot exist, because for that to be true, someone would have had to write something for it. You could create it by typing in the box below, if that actually worked (hint: it won't.)

The fact is, nobody cares enough to write anything for Uncycloversity. And why should they, when real public schools exist that you can attend for free and buy drugs at, and (assuming you're educated already in some fashion) will actually pay you to fill the minds of the young with worthless "information" and "learning"?

Also, please consider checking to see if you already have an old school textbook or other book in your own home that would help you with whatever this subject is.

If you have been recently banned, you may also want to complain bitterly to an admin, not that it will do you any good. You could also take up knitting, which might at least result in your producing something of value.

If you are not logged in or are basic user, consider logging in and subscribing, so that we'll know better who to ridicule and belittle. If you are not logged in, consider perchasing a subscription account. If you don't, your name will be recorded in this page's edit history, and you definitely don't want that, ohhhhh nooooooo.

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Please read the Loser's Guide, and please be stupid and not just funny. You agree to license buy n large and WALL-E and EVE.



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Please note that all contributions to Uncycloversity are considered to be illegal, so licensing isn't really an issue.

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