Banned users

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Uncyclomedia banned users are all large piles of stinky shyte. They have shyte coming both in and out of all the holes in their body, morning, noon, and night. It never stops. And because they are banned, that can't edit this page. So even if I am lying, you will never know!

More informarion about these shyte heads[edit]

1. They can hear you, but they can't speak. Sorta like Jesus with his mouth carved out. (NB; banned users go around with pick axes carving out Jesus's mouth on a regular basis);
2. They have no nipples;
4. They can't count, and are REALLY stupid and stuff;
10. THEY DESERVE TO DIE They deserve shallow graves near New Orleans.

Why are they banned?[edit]

  1. They are sockpuppets of The Vandal;
  2. They are anonymous;
  3. See above section.

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