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To administrators with CU authority of UnMeta[edit]

I have doubts that your computer or UnMeta's server was cracked by Muttley.

I started activities with the English version of UCP over 2 years ago. At that time, the user name was "Garnot". This has already been shown. However, I already worked in the Japanese version of UCP, other name. Therefore, it was an account legitimately indicated "This is my account".

Actually, this account does not use any, nor does it misuse. There is no activity log, there is no fraudulent log in that evidence.


You should always see the time.

It was created at 10:19 on Thursday, November 26, 2015. It's recorded with open logs. And this account has Nothing Doing.


A commonsense administrators can be understood this meaning. He can NOT investigate that account.

He wrote that:

He describes as follows: This is account of vandalist for malicious work, and had been manipulate by the same person as the banned account Anonymous Investigator.

He had some SNS accounts and blogs to appeal that he was a user unrelated to vandalist.

He is currently writing two fantasy novels titled "Why I blocked of Japanese UCP" and "Outside of JAUCP He can not touch" on UnMeta. I 'd recommend that you read it by all means.

However, he seems to be losing willingness to create recently.

He ought to take the help of Anonymous Investigator :-).

See also Anonymous Investigator and Grow.


All this is a lie.

And watch out among this line:

  • This is account of vandalist for malicious work, and had been manipulate by the same person as the banned account Anonymous Investigator.

He did an indefinite block at late now on December 27, 2018 against the Japanese version of Garnot. Besides that, he made an association with a meaningless account even though the user's activity record does not exist.

This will be clear evidence of his fraud.

Therefore, you should quickly verify that your computer and UnMeta server are illegally accessed by Muttley.

If unauthorized access is found there, maliciousness of Muttley becomes faces. And if you do not find it, it is "evidence" that the content written by Muttley is clearly a lie.


You should understand that is Muttley were stupiding you. He is trying to make everything out by lying.

Please do not judge for reasons such as impressionism and emotion theory.

You should believe only "evidence-based published information". As you are the administrator of UnMeta, it is necessary to make a judgment fairly.

I am only show "Truly content with evidence".

Thanks.--Garnot (talk) 03:41, 28 December 2018 (UTC)


Not! I would like to believe in this farce but I see only 2 users bringing a conflict that was to be solved in the wiki itself where nobody is able to know neither what happens nor even realize who in fact lies.

  1. I requested that all texts be translated into English which is the common language on this site. Thing the Anonymous did not.
  2. Despite asking Muttley himself to come and answer the charges, he refuses to send only email with the arguments of the blockades of the cited users.
  3. I will state with absolute certainty that there is no condition for a breach from a user who does not have the conditions or means to administer a website unless he has sent a virus. Which Carlb himself could discover.
  4. There was even questioning whether dissatisfied users could not take shelter in another site or even create a new site even if it is hosted in the future, as confirmed by numerous cases of Brazilian sites such as Malucopedia, Wikinet and Wikimerda. Having only one negative as an excuse for a coup on the site.

None of the administrators and implementers of CU tools have the authority to decide anything if only 2 users are editing at that time. Making a CU on any unsupported user will only give the administrator the possibility of being accused of an undue verification and this will not be accepted at UnMeta. We do allow you to use the open channel to give notice of the accusations of these administrators, but that is too far.

Unfortunately, only Carlb can judge whether these charges are true since as a web master he has the power to investigate those undue verifications that Muttley could have done. Any change without due clarification can seriously damage the credibility of that community and we can not afford it.

Another thing I forgot to mention, although neither Muttley wants to come to UnMeta to give clarification nor even Carlb is present I am sending the emails with a copy to Carlb so that he knows what is happening. And Muttley himself is aware of this and also wants Carlb to solve this case. What I ask is that you keep calm and just send what is necessary for the community to know what is wrong but I say again, I am just a sysop and I do not have the power to decide anything on the site where you can not understand your language even if you have to use a translator. Rhubella selo-02.pngRhubella Marie, the rat sockpreppie 2,926 preppieditsRhubella selo-01.png 06:46, 28 December 2018 (UTC)