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Clck here MWHAHAHA!!!

The spambots attacks has intensified in all or most of the small uncyclopedias. New evidence you have seen them attacking here

As discussed earlier in Report a problem, I'm agreeing with a possible blocking access wikis being suitable only for reading. Or even in the case of oncyclopedia, the prevention of IP's edit. This is concrete proof that the attacks are directed against someone Uncyclomedia. Rhubella selo-02.pngRhubella Marie, the rat sockpreppie 2,628 preppieditsRhubella selo-01.png 23:21, 21 March 2012 (UTC)

One possible solution would be to have captcha challenge every anon-IPv4 / anon-IPv6 page creation attempt (or, if this isn't enough, every attempt by an anon or new user to edit on the small, abandoned wikis)? It seems that most 'bot page creations are being blocked (because a new user registration or an anon-IP adding external links triggers captcha now) but a few created-spam pages are nonsense with external links omitted so as to slip past the current checks. Another possibility could be global-blocking of problem IP addresses, although that already is attempted to some degree by a check spambots extension which will only stop already-known spammers. Carlb (talk) 23:52, 21 March 2012 (UTC)
It is understandable that the problem does not affect the large uncyclopedias and among small and medium as Desgalipedia. I have no knowledge if the captcha's system in Desgalipedia is strong. There was an attack last weekend, week after months of inactivity these spambot's attacks. Rhubella selo-02.pngRhubella Marie, the rat sockpreppie 2,628 preppieditsRhubella selo-01.png 04:19, 22 March 2012 (UTC)
The spambots are attacking every wiki, not only Uncyclopedias. Some, like the SWFTools wiki, are hit twice a day (it doesn't show in Recent changes, because I clean the shit). Other wikis that are targets of spambots: Wiki Fedora (in Portuguese) (once or twice a day), Ubuntu-gr (once a week), NewsHorn Wiki (once a week, I have no idea what is the purpose of this wiki), Unofficial BOINC Wiki (once or twice a day), etc. Apparently, there are wikis that are not hit, either they don't know that they exist or they have good protections against spam bots, like the WikiRio. Cthulhu.fhtagn (talk) 11:58, 22 March 2012 (UTC)
That's interesting, really takes oo my argument that the attacks took place against our project. I remember once having visited the wiki version of Chuza! and reported attacks of vandalism, however I could not notice if they were coming from spambots. Rhubella selo-02.pngRhubella Marie, the rat sockpreppie 2,628 preppieditsRhubella selo-01.png 15:05, 22 March 2012 (UTC)
Just "google" for "wiki loans" or any other catchword used by spambots and you will see the disaster that's going on. It's useless to fight the spambots, we have to kill the people producing them (aka Kabaidze's razor, also in Desciclopédia). Cthulhu.fhtagn (talk) 18:23, 22 March 2012 (UTC)
I don't really think this is an attack directed at Uncyclomedia wikis. I saw other wikis apart from Uncyclomedia Foundation that suffer the same kind of spambots | Cartoonist | Spit it out (talk) | E-mail | UnMeta | 22:29, 22 March 2012 (UTC)
Ok, I've heard enough. What we have to solve is to throw them out once and for all in our project. Rhubella selo-02.pngRhubella Marie, the rat sockpreppie 2,628 preppieditsRhubella selo-01.png 23:33, 22 March 2012 (UTC)

This is serious...[edit]

Here's a warning to vandals what will happen to them. Interest transform their lives into hell. MWHAHAHA!!!

I had ended the talk of spambots attacks as the comments of my esteemed colleagues on the fact that other wikis outside the universe of Uncyclomedia tamém suffered frequent attacks. What relmente was confirmed on Sunday to see the same kind of attack on Uncyclopedia. Well, right. I am silent on this issue. However, it was a nice surprise to have received two alerts in my e-mail account in my talk about changes in Belorussian Uncyclopedia and finding new vandalism.

Interestingly, the attacks are carried out in the same small uncyclopedias. The same method. And by who knows, bots do not erase text to insert nonsense. Also interesting is that bots do not enter into talks nonsense of users, and not randomly attack.

Based on these facts, I humbly ask the Carlb
  1. I ask powers of administrator and user check (for me and Henning) to make blocks on IPs that target this version.
  2. also ask the administrator powers Serbian version currently being abandoned walks target of spambots attacks with intensity similar to Croatian version. Rhubella selo-02.pngRhubella Marie, the rat sockpreppie 2,628 preppieditsRhubella selo-01.png 15:56, 28 March 2012 (UTC)
Desciclopédia is not a small uncyc and it is getting attacked by spambots every morning (I know this because every morning when I check the Desciclopédia's recent changes, there are lots of spam to delete). This is strange since this only happens at morning and Desciclopédia almost never was attacked by spambots, until now. DARK FALLEN ANGEL Lord of DarknessHAIL SATAN 23:46, 28 March 2012 (UTC)
The spambots usually strike during USA's night, I've seen this in SWFTools wiki. That's the time when USA teens access russian porn sites and are gifted with russian mafia's viruses. Or do you have a more paranoid hypothesis? Cthulhu.fhtagn (talk) 00:43, 29 March 2012 (UTC)
I thought to have created a forum on small uncyclopedias or the Desciclopédia plans abducting them? Russian Mafia? So you mean: Lev Cow?!?

The situation is serious, as discussed earlier there are two types of attacks. The first of spambots, have spread even as the second largest uncys, no matter belonging to UnMeta or Wikia. The second IPs are daily attacks from Russia and other proxy from that delete all content and vandalize, including the user pages. The attacks are carried out from midnight to 5 am London time. You must put a stop to it! Rhubella selo-02.pngRhubella Marie, the rat sockpreppie 2,628 preppieditsRhubella selo-01.png 16:51, 29 March 2012 (UTC)