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Novo servidor da Desciclomédia
  • Uncyclomedia Commons:
    • Too lazy to actually come up with anything original for your content-free project? Just create any fake/made-up language, start a wiki using that language and include every image directly to your pages from - Uncyclomedia's pointless content-free repository. Place them on pages in your new wiki (openclipart is free and plentiful, so nobody cares) and surround them with random text in whatever language you just made up. Unless anyone actually speaks that language, who will ever know that yours isn't a real encyclopædia?
  • If all else fails:
    • Go get a proper hosting account. It's probably what you should have done in the first place.
    • Try whining on, and other similar message boards that you can't find a half-decent host server.
    • Just give up and go back to geoshitties you cabal whore.

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