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Fàilte tae UnMeta-Wiki, th' global community site fur th' Uncyclomedia projects, th' multi-language Uncyclopedias 'n' related projects. UnMeta's discussions range fae th' coordination 'n' documentation o' current affairs tae th' planning 'n' analysis o' future activities.

Th' Uncyclopedias themselves diffrunt immensely, bit it's oor hawp that this site shall become th' missing link atween thaim as it grows. 'ere, members o' ony 'n' a' projects wull be free tae nae ainlie argie tae th' death aboot whit tae keep common, bit an' a' tae learn fae others' differences, strengthening nae ainlie th' bonds atween th' projects bit th' projects themselves.