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Make sure you ask things in the right place. There are some with which we simply cannot help you.

There are primarily two three groups of Uncyclopedias: Those hosted by Uncyclomedia, those hosted by Wikia and those are hosted somewhere else. The problem here is that Wikia's practices can be pretty alienating at times (and downright low at others), while many non-Wikia Uncyclomedians can also be pretty abrasive and unrelenting. Something about hard feelings, or something.

These hard feelings often only expound when the folks collide; basically the 'relationship' is not pretty, though dancing on the edge of a sword it can still work. Because you know what the really funny thing is? If everyone could just be nicer and get along, we wouldn't have nearly so many problems as we do between the folks. Still a few. But less. Be mostly technical stuff and a lack of best practices at that point.

Technical stuff[edit]


Basically Uncyclomedia has no say on Wikia. If yours is a Wikia-wiki and needs something technical done, use the contact form from your wiki and try to have as much 'community support' as you can so you can look intimidating or something, and politely make your request. Their support folks are usually pretty pleasant if you don't irritate them.

The following require staff:

  • Checkuser
  • Interwikis
  • Namespaces
  • Bugs
  • Nuke (mass deletion of pages added by one user)
  • Other things the person writing this can't think of

Staff will usually get back to you within a day or two. Whether or not they'll actually do anything useful is another story entirely.


The wikis here are mostly self-contained. Installed extensions give admins access to namespaces, interwikis, checkuser, etc without having to bother anyone else about it. Some things that do need sysadmin help (in other words, carlb) include:

  • New extensions
  • Updates
  • Bugs
  • Other things the person writing this can't think of

Carlb (email: carlb at kingston net, sms: +16135498196) will usually oblige most requests, but may take upwards of a few months to do so.



The following are independently hosted, so their owners will need to be contacted directly:

  • en.uncyclopedia.co (along with the associated meta/commons/en.illogicopedia.org wikis)
  • absurdopedia.net (Russia)
  • uncyclopedia.kr (South Korea)
  • Stupidedia/Kamelopedia (German) are independent of Uncyclopedia, although they may interlanguage-link to us

The following are hosted at Miraheze.org - a non-profit wiki farm established in 2016:

  • nonciclopedia.org (Italian)
  • nonsensopedia.org (Polish jokes)
  • ansaikuropedia.miraheze.org (Ryokan)

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