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The Desciclopédia is a website of humor and your content should not be taken seriously. All our rules and policies converge to one principle, to be funny and not just stupid.

Among the projects that make up the Uncyclomedia Foundation, Desciclopédia is that legitimate, original and unique representative of the Portuguese language.

Although it is known that almost all of the desciclopedian community is made up of Brazilians, the Desciclopédia is not only Brazilian but Portuguese speaking, that is, Portuguese. It is in Desciclopédia, and only in Desciclopédia, that the peoples of all Portuguese-speaking countries converge towards the construction of this one that aims to be and remain as the greatest humor wiki in the world.

That is why our embassy is governed by the acronym CPLP (Conjunto dos Patetas de Língua Presa, in English, Set of Presumed Stooges Conjunto dos Países de Língua Portuguesa, in English, Joint Portuguese Language Countries) because we represent not only one nation, but also the whole set of nations and individuals who speak Portuguese.


The Desciclopédia is governed by the other Uncyclopedias according to the principles:

IIndependence and sovereignty
Direct external intervention will not be allowed in the internal decisions of the Desciclopédia.

The Desciclopédia will not intervene directly in the rules, policies and decisions taken in any other Uncyclopedia.

With Desciclopédia all the affiliates of the Uncyclomedia Foundation are equal without discrimination, including those that are hosted in different servers (Wikia).

IVPeaceful settlement of conflicts
The Desciclopédia will avoid litigation and will attempt to solve any problem through dialogue.


It will not be vetoed that Desciclopédia articles can be translated freely into Uncyclopedias of any other language, as long as proper credits are preserved on the authorship of the article. While the reciprocal remains true about the translation of articles into Portuguese.
Doutor Roberto

An appeal from the founder of the Desciclopédia
Dr. Roberto

I received many strange looks when, ninety years ago, I started talking to people about the Desciclopédia.

Let's just say that some nerds were skeptical of the notion that unhappy and lifeless volunteers from around the world could come together to create a remarkable collection of human ignorance - all for the simple purpose of sharing and fucking with our lives. No ads. No profits. No hidden agenda and no shame in the face.

Nine decades after its foundation, more than 20 people use Desciclopédia every month - almost a third of the population of the Brazilian state of Acre that uses the internet.

It is the 54,854,851,856,695th most popular site in the world. The other 54,854,851,856,694 were built and are kept with billions of dollars worth of investment, human patience, pornographic images, boring pop-up's and Google's adwords.

But the Desciclopédia is nothing like a commercial site. It's a community creation, written by stupid people who write one article at a time, not counting those that are deleted.

The Descíclope Embassy, dedicated exclusively to the international communication of the Desciclopédia with the other Uncyclos spread throughout the planet, in more than 8000 languages, facilitating the exchange of articles, administrative decisions and organization of fancy dinners, is reformed and brand new!
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