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Welcome to the Embassy of the sacred Desgalipedia. You are probably looking at the Galician Embassy (or just Desgalipedia), but our project is only included by the city-state borders of Desgalipolis. Started on August 17, 2009 is a nonprofit website where our rules and policies converge at the beginning, it's fun and not just idiotic.

As a Galician representative of the Uncyclomedia family since November 9, 2009, Desgalipedia has the objective of proclaiming the truth, and denying the terrible lies of Wikipedia, which is a parody of our sacred site. As we are a parody about other encyclopedias, humor is (very logical, but with all, who cares?) The highest priority for us. If it is not fun, you have no reason to live, and we will send our armed forces, including the secret service to liquidate it. MWHAHAHA!!!

Santiago Matamourosvándalos
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The Desgalega Embassy is exclusively dedicated to the international communication of Uncyclopedia with other Uncyclos scattered throughout the planet, in more than 8,000 languages, including Klingon!
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