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Computing and telecommunications[edit]

Not originally acronyms[edit]

Ada A computer programming language named after Ada Lovelace, with intended-humorous backronym of Another Damn Acronym.
Admin A Dickhead Meanie In Networking
A Dumbass Making Intelligence Non-existent
Apple Arrogance Produces Profit-Losing Entity
Bing Bing Is Not Google
Java Just Another Vague Acronym
Just Another Vain Attempt
Linux Linux Is Not UniX
LINus' UniX
LINUs' miniX
Macintosh Most Applications Crash (or Machine Always Crashes), If Not, The Operating System Hangs
Microsoft My Incompetent Computer Randomly Operates Sensibly/Stupidly On Floating point Tasks
Most Intelligent Customers Realise Our Software Only Fools Teenagers (or Toddlers)
Mod Mean Old Dickhead
Multics Many Unnecessary Long Tables In Core Simultaneously
Pentium Produces Erroneous Numbers Through Incorrect Understanding of Math
PC Errors Not Tolerable I'd Use Macintosh
Perl Practical Extraction and Report Language
Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister
Parse Every Random Line (in honor of the extensions proposed for Perl 6)
Pathetic Excuse for a Real Language
Polymorphic Existential Recursive Lambdas.
Ping Packet InterNet Groper (more rarely, Packet InterNet Grouper)
Seagate Super Explosive After God Attack The Earth
Sid Still In Development
Spam Shit Posted As Mail
System Plugged (with) Annoying Messages
Stupid Person's AdvertiseMent
Stupid Puerile Ad Mail
Sewage Posing As Mail
Send People Annoying Messages
Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages
Sell Penis Augmentation Medicine
Stupid Posts And Messages
Tyan Trash You'll Avoid Now
(Not the most reliable co-lo server Uncyclomedia has ever owned...)
Twain There Wasn't Any Interesting Name
Technology Without An Interesting Name
(Origin appears to be "east is east, west is west and never the twain shall meet...")
Windows Windows Is Not a Defined Operating/Working System
(this is actually a recursive backronym)
Will Install Needless Data On Whole System.
Windows XP X out your Privacy.
Vista Viruses, Idiocy, Spyware, Trojans & Adware.
Vastly Inferior System To Apple.

Re-interpreted acronyms[edit]

AMOS A Mound Of Shit
AOL Almost On Line
America Off Line
Assholes On Line
American OverLords
Army Of Lamers
Always Off Line
America Outta Line
APL A Perfect Language
A Preposterous Language
Another Programming Language
similar others
ASP Awfully Slow Pages
ATM A Terrible Mistake.
BASIC Bill's Attempt to Seize Industry Control
Banal Annoyingly Slow Interpretive Computing
BUD Big Useful Dish (for C band satellite fans, term was previously defined as "Big Ugly Dish")
BUMP Bring Up My Post
C & W Clueless & Witless
COBOL Completely Obscure, Basically Obsolete Language
Completely Obscure Boring Old Language
Compiles Only Because Of Luck
Copy of BASIC, Only Longer
CRTC Can't Really Tell if it's Canadian
Canadians Rarely Talk on Cellphones
(recursive acronym)
DEC Do Expect Cuts
DOS quick 'n' Dirty Operating System
Defunct/Defective Operating System
Dumb Operating System
DMA Direct Mind Access
DMCA Don't Make Content Accessible
DRM Draconian Restrictions Management
Digital Rights Mismanagement
Microsoft Ready for Domination (acronym backward)
Don't Read Me
EMACS Escape, Meta, Alt, Control, Shift
EMACS Makes A Computer Slow
Eight Megabytes And Constantly Swapping
(In German:) EMACS Macht Alle Computer Schön (EMACS makes all computers good)
EPOC Electronic Piece Of Cheese
(former name of Symbian OS for mobile phones)
FAQ Frequently Avoided Questions
FM Fuck Me!
FORTH Found On Really Tiny Hardware
FCC During the heyday of citizen's band radio, those who operated illegally or on the edge of the law called the Federal Communications Commission the Friendly Candy Company or Fat Chance Charlie. Critics of the FCC also use "Fuckers, Cocksuckers, and Cunts."
GNU GNU's Not Unix
GNU Needs Users (recursive backronyms), Gates Now Unhappy
GNU EMACS Generally Not Used Except by Middle Aged Computer Scientists.
GOATSE GameSurge Offensive Apprehension and Tactical Strike Evaluation
Guy Opens Ass To Show Everyone
HAL Decronym (one letter before) of IBM
HP High Price
IBM Inferior But Marketable
It's Better Manually
Idiots Become Managers
Invented By Monkeys
Insidious Black Magic
International Brotherhood of Magicians
It's Been Malfunctioning
Incontinent Bowel Movement
I Blame Microsoft (see OS)
I Buy Macintosh
Internal Bit Mixing
I've Been Moved (by 1950s and 1960s employees in reference to frequent relocations)
Inmensa Bola de Mierda (Spanish, Immense Ball of Manure or huge piece of shit)
IIS It Isn't Secure
ISDN I Still Don't Need it
It Still Does Nothing
I Smell Dollars Now
Intentionally Slow Dumb Networking
LISP Lots of Irritating Superfluous Parentheses
Lots of Infuriating/Idiotic Silly Parentheses
Lost In Silly/Stupid Parentheses
Lost In a Sea of Parentheses
(after its syntax (involving a lot of parentheses (indeed!)))
MIPS Meaningless Indication of Processor Speed
MCSE Must Consult Some Expert
Must Consult Someone/Somebody Experienced
Minesweeper Consultant and Solitaire Expert
MMU Magical Mystery Unit
NFS Not Fully Serviceable/Stable/Secure
No F'ing Security
Not Finding Something
Network's F'ing Slow
NT Not Tested
Not There
Nice Try
Neanderthal Technology
No Thanks
Not Today
Nasty and Troublesome
Not to be Trusted;(in Spanish:) No Trabaja (It doesn't work)
(In Finnish) reads like "en tee" meaning "I won't do (it)"
Windows NT (WNT) is an incronym (one letter after) of VMS the previous OS designed by Dave Cutler the designer of NT
NTFS Neatly Toasted File System
Now Try Finding Something
OSF Oppose Sun Forever
PHP People Hate Perl
PHP: Hyperprocessed Poo
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
Preposterous Hypertext Processor
Prolog PRObably the Language Of God
RAM Rarely Adequate Memory
RPG Really Poor Grammar
Rapidly Programmed Garbage
SCSI System Can't See It (referring to inherent problems with SCSI drivers under Microsoft Windows)
SQL Seems Quite Lousy/Ludicrous
Slow Queries Lastingly
SSDD Same Shit, Different Day
TIFF Thousands of Incompatible File Formats (referring to divergent third-party extensions that have compromised the portability of the format)
TSR Trash System Randomly
UDP Unreliable Datagram Protocol (in context of its use for streaming media and Internet telephony in real-time applications where dropped or delayed packets are simply ignored, not retransmitted, due to timing constraints)
Vi Velocity Inclusive
Very Inconvenient
WWW WorldWide Wait
Wait Wait Wait
Wi-Fi Wireless Internet, Free Internet
We Inevitably Find Interference
Windows XP X out your Privacy
Xtended Problems
Xtra Pain
Xtra Profits
Xtra Pain
Xtra Processor
Xtra Pathetic
Xplode PC
Xtremely Proprietary
Xceedingly Putrid
Xceedingly poor
Xponential Pricing
Xtra Problems
Xtra Payment
Xtra Profits
Xcremental Pile
Xclude Pirates
Xperiencing Problems
Windows Me Massively Evil
Murderously Evil
Millennium Eviction
Millionth Edition