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Warning: Some links and content may be offensive to some readers.

A shock site is a website intended to be offensive to most viewers. Usually it displays a particular picture most prominently; some shock sites also show animations or galleries of images. Shock sites are often of varying severity; this article discusses the contents of notorious shock sites.

Distribution of links to shock sites[edit]

Links to shock sites are often passed around via email or disguised in posts to Slashdot and other discussion sites as a hoax in an attempt to trick readers into following the link to the website. In order to end these practices, Slashdot has changed the software to display the domain name of a linked URL in brackets following the link (example: "Wikipedia [wikipedia.org]"), so that any link to goatse.cx or a similar shock site would be immediately visible as such. To circumvent the measure, people began to set up mirror sites and use public CGI redirect scripts run by sites such as Yahoo! or Slashdot itself.

The images of notorious shock sites have also occasionally been used for vandalism on Wikipedia. The English Wikipedia has disabled the ability to embed images on external servers by merely typing their URL, in part because of these acts of vandalism. It is now required to upload such images to the Wikipedia server first, which can only be done by registered users.

"Goatse" and "tubgirl" along with "the harlequin fetus" have become known as the LUE Trinity on the message boards at GameFAQs.com after they gained infamy there. Tubgirl and Goatse are both autoflagged words at the site now because of this, and providing links to any of the sites is considered a major offense.

Anti-Shock phenomenon[edit]

Many trolls, instead of linking to shock sites (which can lead to disciplinary consequences, such as banishment from the board to which the link was posted) prefer a tradition known as the anti-shock tradition, where trolls link to traditionally non-offensive material, disguised as shocking or pornographic material. The anti-shock site oralse.cx (which features images of a kitten and dachsund) is among the most well-known examples of this. More recent cases of the anti-shock phenomenon involve links to images of family pets and The Olsen twins' website (http://www.marykateandashley.com/ ).

Major Shock Sites[edit]


Main article: Goatse.cx

Goatse.cx is one of the most well-known shock sites, and perhaps a leader in the genre. The image which first appears on the site, hello.jpg, shows a man stretching his anus with two hands.

While that specific site was taken down by the NIC.CX authority in January 2004, Goat.cx and Hick.org/goat/ became used instead of the original location, and many mirror sites containing those famous images still exist.

Can be found at Goat.cx


Tubgirl.com is a redirect to a picture (tubgirl.jpg) of a naked woman contorted in a bathtub, buttocks and anus upward, projecting a high fountain of enema from her anus into her masked upward face at the bottom of the tub, between her legs.

Tubgirl.com is owned by Redcoat.net, a picture website. The Redcoat.net domain was registered by "absolute redcoat" in Knoxville. The Redcoat.net server is located in Parsippany-Troy Hills Township.

Before the launch of tubgirl.com, the relevant image was featured in a rotten.com story "Fecal Japan" explaining that the subject matter is allegedly popular in Japan. The copy of the image displayed on tubgirl.com, however, originated from http://www.consumptionjunction.com


Lemonparty.org contains a picture (lemonparty.jpg) of a triumvirate of elderly men lying on a bed naked, one of whom is performing oral sex on another of the men, and the third kissing the fellatee. The site was defunct for a number of years, but has recently been restored. It is now down again.

Originally, the text, omfg crazy! Click here to wash your eyeballs! lemonparty was under the picture. The site featured a link (labeled "Click here to wash your eyeballs") to a picture of a kitten. Sometimes, the name is used jokingly, as in "Hey, there's a lemon party tonight and you're invited!", often shortened to just "you're invited".

The original page can be seen here http://web.archive.org/web/20021212095308/http://www.lemonparty.org/index.html

Harlequin Fetus[edit]

The many sites that have pictures of the harlequin fetus syndrome are generally not intended to be shock sites. Many internet trolls link to such pictures anyway to shock people.

Last Measure[edit]

Last Measure is a malicious shock site combining many of the shock sites listed on this page:

  • Tubgirl
  • Penisbird
  • Goatse.cx's hello.jpg, a picture of a man stretching his anus
  • Lemonparty
  • pillowfight.jpg, a picture of a man's genitals covered in feces
  • spin.gif
  • Loopback.jpg, from Goatse.cx, a picture of a man looping his penis into his anus
  • Christmas.jpg
  • pooped.jpg, a picture of a woman's face with feces on it. The picture comes from http://www.bangedup.com
  • rustina.jpg, depicts Rusty's wife (rusty of Kuro5hin, a popular Slashdot-like site). Her face is photoshopped onto a picture of a naked woman having sex with an African-American man with a large penis.
  • eww.jpg, a picture of a young girl, with two naked people in the background, with one of the people exposing his buttocks. The text "The Fuck What?!" in red is visible, with the man's naked buttocks circled in a red circle.
  • freak.jpg (a picture of a naked African-American female body builder).

Last Measure abuses Javascript to make it very hard to leave the website once you visit it, short of shutting down the computer or end-tasking the said web browser. The main page plays a voice using the Flash plugin (hey.swf) shouting "HEY EVERYBODY. I'M LOOKING AT GAY PORNO" at top volume, while the various shock images move around in popup windows, bouncing off the sides of the screen. The voice in previous Last Measure versions was fsckyou.wav.mp3. fsck is a Unix utility that checks filesystems for damage, but is used in this context as a modified version of the vulgarity fuck.

The page immediately shown when taken to the site has a picture (pooped.jpg) of a woman with feces on her face. Goatse's hello.jpg is set as the page's background picture. The text "GNAA > j00 fristage postage is mine" is seen at the top of the page. At the bottom of the page is "Lastmeasure last measure last-measure nero institute", which is an attempt to get the page listed under Google. The title of the page is "Our lawyer has informed us that we need a warning. So, if you are under the age of 18 or find this offensive, please leave immediately", which is a takeoff on the text on the front page of Goatse. On one of the Last Measure pages (WRT), the text "Like what you see? Got a complaint? Email wrt AT forpresident DOT com." was visible. The page was suspended. The page at Zeikfried has the title "This is my LastMeasure, my FinalHope. Lovez and kissez from Zeikfried~!"

Pressing Ctrl or Alt, under Internet Explorer on Windows, gives you an alert message with the same text. Pressing Del gives you the "Credits":

Shitface Lady
Bob Goatse
Rusty's Wife
What the fuck? That guy's ass is showing in his baby's picture!
Additional (actually fucking working in v3.2) popup-blocker-busting by goat-see
hey.swf by rkz 

The current version is 3.3, with version 3.4.1 in developement.

The source code contains a string of text related to the development of the anti-popup-blocker functionality: "/* let's figure out what the fuck kind of browser the poor plebs are using :( MSIE gets a special kind of last measure where I start off with a ModelessDialog and pop up from it. Gets around google toolbar. -- goat-see */

procreator.php contains the following text in first-level header tags:

GNAA > j00
Fristage Postage is MINE.
fucking nigger operating system.. at least in fucking Firebird you odn't have to do this shit.

The original location, http://nero-online.org/lastmeasure/, is down as of writing, but http://nero-online.org/ has been retained as a redirect to http://obelix-ies.com/~gnaa/index.php site. Currently the whois information states the registrant is "Ghey de Sax", living on "16356 Rolloffle Avenue", "Sudbury, Massaschussets".

Previously, nero-online.org's WHOIS information has stated that the registrant is "Mike Cunt" (Cunt is a slang word for a vagina, and Mike Cunt is confusible with "my cunt" when spoken), and that he lives on Goa Tse Dr., South Dildo, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The "drive" is a takeoff on goatse.cx, and a "dildo" is a sex toy. The registrant name and street address is an obvious fake, however, there is a city called South Dildo, Newfoundland.

Last Measure was so named due to a crash type in AIM Invader, a crashing utility for AOL Instant Messenger. The "Last Measure" crash would send various malformed AIM requests to one's client in an attempt to shut it down.

The page was authored by penisbird, nicknamed after a picture on Rotten.com. He is a member of the Gay Nigger Association of America, a Slashdot trolling organization. Another troll in the said organization, Goat-see (named after the shock site goatse.cx) set up routines to evade pop-up blockers in Last Measure.

Version 3.4.1 is in private distribution on the GNAA's IRC channel.

  • http://nero-online.org/ - This address takes you directly to the site described above. You should not visit it in a Javascript-enabled Web browser. If you do open this website, hold down the Alt+F4 keys in Microsoft Windows (and users running in the GNOME desktop environment), hit Command-Q in Mac OS or use another similar key combination to close your browser. In Windows XP or 2000, you can press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and then close "Iexplore.exe" or "Netscape.exe". Some browsers, such as Opera and Mozilla Firefox, will block these pop-ups; even so, do not mouse over the button marked "CLICK ME", as this will bypass the pop-up blocking function.
  • http://forums.ddrparadise.eu.org/- A url that was made to trick those looking for the DDRParadise forums into going to Last Measure, which are actually located at http://boards.ddrparadise.eu.org/.


Klerck.org is a website which has several shock images.

Spin.gif is an animated GIF file depicting an act of anal sex between two men. One man is seated, and the other is sitting on his lap. The penis of the man below is inserted into the anus of the man on top. The man on top is moving up and down, causing his penis to spin in a clockwise direction; the image is animated in such a way that the spinning motion of the penis appears to be infinite.

The man with the spinning penis has a tan line indicating he has worn female undergarments; this has led some to believe that this person is actually a male-to-female transsexual who has not yet undergone sexual reassignment surgery.

Christmas.jpg is a person stretching her anus to "goatse" proportions with a table clamp.


Diddlers.info is a domain owned by the user known as Method Loser of the Something Awful internet forums. The base url directs the recipient to a website with the words "HOT HOT DIDDLING ACTION, MUST BE 18+" followed by, first, a picture (sad.jpg) of Kirk Johnson (a man believed to be the person in the Goatse.cx pictures) stretching his anus with a bottle. The second picture is loopback.jpg (this time using the filename self.jpg), which was taken from the Goatse.cx website, is a picture of a man looping his penis into his anus.

The text follows:

"FOR HOT HOT CHILD DIDDLING ACTION: http://we.are.diddlers.info   
Comments? Questions? [email protected]

The background music is "On the Good Ship, Lollipop". The title of the page is "OMG 18+".

The simmer section shows two pictures from Rotten.com showing unidentifiable black goop in a bathtub. The following text is in the page:
"Writes the submitter: "Here are some pictures from my police station in XXX. The pictures are of a 90ish old male that was having a bath. He had something that looked like an oversized element from a kettle to help with keeping the water hot. Unfortunately he died and was in the bath for over 2 weeks with the water almost boiling. What you see on the left side of the lower picture are his legs. When the guys took hold of his legs to try and get some of him out of the bath all they got was a bone as it simply slid out of the flesh. The following day the cleaners came in and scooped up almost 50kg of goop that made up his body. If you look closely at the picture you can just make out the shape of a body. Obviously the smell was... um... interesting.

Other Shock Sites[edit]

  • Adorable bunnies is another collection of shock images. The "Jebus Loves You" section is often used as a shock site. The words "Ebony loving?" are seen before the images. 1.jpg shows a picture of a man excreting diarrhea feces. 2.jpg shows the feces being extracted by a syringe. 3.jpg shows a man injecting the feces into his penis. The fourth, 4.jpg shows the syringe empty. 5.jpg shows the man masturbating the feces out of his penis. 6.jpg shows a naked fat woman.
  • Bakla.net first has three images of a women in a dress (ann12.jpg, ann17.jpg, and ann18.jpg). Next are three images (china2.jpg, china1.jpg, and china3.jpg) of a transgendered woman wearing a black shirt and bluejeans. The final image (china3.jpg) is of the woman naked, sitting on a bed, revealing her penis and breasts. "Bakla" is a tagalog (Filipino) derogatory term for homosexual, basically equivalent to "queer" in English. The person shown on the page is from the Philippines.
  • When one is brought to Albino Black Sheep - You are An Idiot page, a Macromedia Flash movie called youare.swf is seen, which chants "You are an idiot, hahahahahahahahahahaha" over and over again, and flashes black and white smiley faces. When the user closes the browser window, the page abuses Javascript so that a flurry of moving popups with the flash are made. Attempting to close these windows, which is difficult because they are flying around on the screen, results in even more popups, sometimes causing the computer to crash or stop responding. A browser with a popup blocker prevents this.
  • The Pain Series is a collection of seven JPEGs, each containing a number of shocking images pasted together. It was created by Huge_Midget of the Something Awful forums, whose users commonly use it as a prank, or when someone leeches (directly shows an image without linking to the site, or asking the webmaster's permission) pictures from their websites. Each of the pain series pictures contains some combination of other shock site photos arranged in a collage. According to a WHOIS search, the site that the Pain Series was originally located at (http://www.crazyninjas.org/kittens) is due for deletion, presumably due to violating the host's agreement terms. However, the ubiquitous status of the pictures on the Something Awful forums means that there are probably many alternate locations that host the Pain Series.
    • Pain.jpg shows the Goatse.cx hello.jpg the Tubgirl.com picture, two Harlequin Fetus pictures, other gap.zip pictures, a picture of a man eating feces from another man's anus, an anime scene of a girl cut open and her innards served as some kind of meal, a picture of a man with his face blown off (Rotten.com's "Motorcycle" picture), a closeup of a vagina afflicted by an STD, and an anime scene of a hermaphrodite centaur with milk coming out of her breasts and semen out of her penises. The caption "Roofle. Owned. Scrub." is in the picture, next to Something Awful's grenade logo.
    • Pain2.jpg shows Goatse, Tubgirl, Harlequin Fetus, a closeup of a vagina afflicted by an STD, other gap.zip pictures, an anime scene of a girl cut open and her innards served as some kind of meal, a picture of a man with his face blown off (Rotten.com's "Motorcycle" picture), scenes of scatological sex, an anime scene of a man performing sexual acts on a mutilated, dead woman, an anime scene of a woman dissected (this image seems to be drawn by the well known guro hentai artist Waita Uziga), a picture of a man eating feces from another man's anus, a picture of a woman with a broken neck, an anime scene of a girl cut open and her innards served as some kind of meal, a picture of a man defecating into a pair of tubes, and an anime scene of a hermaphrodite centaur with milk coming out of her breasts and semen out of her penises. The picture has the captions "Mmm" for the Coprophagia picture. It also has the caption "I hope you like this picture as much as I do."
    • Pain3.jpg shows Goatse, Tubgirl, Lemonparty, a picture of a hole being drilled in a man's head, other gap.zip pictures, a picture of a man with his face blown off (Rotten.com's "Motorcycle" picture), a picture of a child's face that was smashed, a torn-up leg, mutilated genitalia, a picture of a woman with her neck torn, an anime scene of a woman dissected (same as in Pain2.jpg), a closeup of a vagina afflicted by an STD, an anime scene of a man performing sexual acts on a mutilated, dead woman, an anime scene of a girl cut open and her innards served as some kind of meal, and an anime scene of a hermaphrodite centaur with milk coming out of her breasts and semen out of her penises.
    • Pain4.jpg shows Goatse, Tubgirl, Wormeye, a severed head, a picture of a man with his face blown off (Rotten.com's "Motorcycle" picture), a mutilated dead man (Rotten.com's "Customs" picture), a picture of a decapitated head (Rotten.com's "Head" picture), a closeup of a vagina afflicted by an STD, pictures of disfigured penises, a person with an infected foot, a man with an abnormal penis and scrotum, a man missing his penis, and an infected leg missing a toe with worms in place of the toe.
    • Pain5.jpg shows Goatse, Tubgirl, the Harlequin Fetus, Lemonparty, a man with his head cut, a disfigured leg, a man with his genitals torn off, Wormeye, a dissected penis, a picture of a man with his face blown off (Rotten.com's "Motorcycle" picture), an infected penis, a man eating feces from another man's anus, and a closeup of a vagina afflicted by an STD.
    • Untitled.jpg shows Lemonparty, a picture of an old man masturbating, a picture of a man stretching his anus with a baseball, and with his penis hooked up to a laptop computer that has images of pancakes, bacon, and fruit on its screen, a picture of an old woman grabbing the penis of a man, about to partake in anal sex with him, another picture of an old man fondling himself, a picture of an old man wearing briefs and the upper part of his suit while exposing his penis, a picture of an old man sitting on a couch, fondling himself, a picture of a middle-aged man standing up, fondling himself, a picture of a lit candle inserted in a man's penis, a picture of a lit lighter clamped onto a man's testicles, two pictures of naked old men standing up, and a picture of a man with a pen inserted in his penis which is "standing" on a full cup of coffee.
    • Awesome.jpg shows Goatse, Tubgirl, a syringe injecting feces into a penis (from Adorable Bunnies: Jebus Loves You), Wormeye, a dead man with his head crushed (Helicopter from rotten.com), a dissected penis, a closeup of a vagina afflicted by an STD, and a disfigured hand.
  • The Wilwheaton.org domain actually takes people that are intending to go to Wil Wheaton's weblog (Wil Wheaton Dot Net) to either the real site, or to a shock site on random. The "game" the domain plays is similar to that of Russian Roulette. Wil Wheaton's weblog is actually located at http://www.wilwheaton.net/ wilwheaton.net. When people use this site to trick someone onto a shock site every time, they add /mt/ to wilwheaton.org, e.g. www.wilwheaton.org/mt/bikini.html. Shock sites chosen by random are:
    • Goatse (goat.cx)
    • Tubgirl
    • Last Measure
    • Harlequin Fetus
    • Lemon Party
    • Adorable Bunnies/Jebus Loves You
    • Albino Black Sheep/You are An Idiot Flash
    • Spin.gif
    • Christmas.jpg (klerck.org/christmas.jpg)
    • Seizure Measure (vyr.us/idiot/ and lysol.ws/idiot/)
    • Scat (0realstuds.dk/images/np/scat/sp/3/24.jpg
    • Wormeye (snopes.com/horrors/graphics/wormeye.jpg)
    • phreak.org/ana/skinny.html
  • CRUSHER is another site in the vein of Seizure Measure that is on Wilwheaton.org. It flashes bright colors and flickers between them very quickly.
  • Ogrish is an enormous, comprehensive site filled with images of gore, autopsies, amputations, and snuff movies. Ogrish's infamy peaked when photos of World Trade Center "jumper" victims emerged on the site, along with photographs of other 9/11 victims, shortly after the terrorist attacks. New content is posted daily, often photos of newsworthy calamities, such as suicide bombings, train wrecks, and graphic footage from the war in Iraq.
  • Ratemygoatse.cx is a rate me site of goatse related material in the style of the Hot or Not site. This site contains several grotesque images of people attempting different styles of 'goatses'. The original domain was deleted by the Christmas Island authorities.
  • Ratemypoo.com is another "rateme" parody that features submitted pictures of fecal matter. It is hosted by rotten.com.
  • Seizure Measure/Browser Bomb/GOD LOVES YOU AND RAINS HIS HOLY LIGHT UPON YOU is based on Last Measure, but contains a flash application that plays music and flashes bright colors in an attempt to trigger an epileptic seizure. The page abuses javascript to cause hundreds of non-moving popups of the flash to invade the screen, hence the name Browser Bomb.
  • Scat, from www.shitpassion.com, is a scatological shock image showing a man and a woman with feces all over their buttocks and genitals.
  • Wormeye is a series of pictures of an eye surgery in which a worm is being removed from the eye.
  • The penisbird image is a picture of a large parrot perched on a man's erect penis. Rotten.com hosts the image at the domain smoke.rotten.com. The page (linked below) of the penisbird contains a note from a Slashdot reader asking that the image be removed because Slashdot trolls are using hyperlinks to send unsuspecting users there. The page also mentions a crude ASCII art version of the penisbird, which appears from time to time on Slashdot.
  • Homewares.org is a picture of a Japanese woman coated in her own feces.

External links[edit]

  • http://www.tubgirl.com/ - This address takes you to the tubgirl image, http://www.redcoat.net/pics/tubgirl.jpg
  • http://www.roflmao.com/laugh - This redirects to Tubgirl.com
  • http://www.lemonparty.org/ - The lemonparty site, which is currently not working.
  • http://lemonparty.evilpope.org - An alternate address for lemonparty.
  • http://www.asylumeclectica.com/malady/archives/harlequin.htm - An example picture of a child afflicted with the Harlequin fetus syndrome
  • http://www.ispub.com/ostia/index.php?xmlFilePath=journals/ijpn/vol2n1/harlequin.xml - Another page on a Harlequin fetus.
  • http://www.emedicine.com/derm/topic192.htm - Article at emedicine.com about Harlequin fetus (Images at bottom of page)
  • http://obelix-ies.com/~gnaa/index.php
  • http://miller.axisproductions.com/LOL/lastmeasure/
  • http://forums.ddrparadise.eu.org/
  • http://vyr.us/lastmeasure/
  • http://zeikfried.no-ip.com/GNAA/VoteKerry/ - This and the above seven links lead to last measure.
  • http://www.klerck.org/spin.gif - Klerk.org's Spin.Gif
  • http://www.dickcream.com/spin/ - A flash movie incorporating Spin.gif.
  • http://ridinspinnas.ytmnd.com - A 'You're The Man Now Dog' type site incorporating Spin.gif.
  • http://www.klerck.org/christmas.jpg - Klerk.org's Christmas.jpg picture
  • http://klerck.org/pain4.jpg - Another Pain4.jpg
  • http://www.klerck.org/dance.swf and http://www.milkandcookies.com/links/5433/ - The Goatse.cx dance Macromedia Flash program. The flash first shows two stick figures dancing on a red highly pixelated "floor". Then, the music stops, and the picture zooms out to reveal hello.jpg.
  • http://www.diddlers.info -Diddlers.info
  • http://www.diddlers.info/simmer/ - The simmer page, a copy from http://poetry.rotten.com/simmer/
  • http://www.diddlers.info/guestbook/ - The Diddlers.info guestbook
  • http://www.adorablebunnies.com/ and http://www.adorablebunnies.com/JEBUS%20LOVES%20YOU/ - Adorable Bunnies.
  • http://www.bakla.net - The bakla page.
  • http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/you.html - You should not visit this page in a Javascript-enabled Web browser. If you do open this website, hold down the Alt+F4 keys in Microsoft Windows (and users running in the GNOME desktop environment), hit Command-Q in Mac OS or figure out how to use another similar key combination to close your browser. Some browsers, such as Opera and Firefox, will block these pop-ups.
  • http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/open.html - When you.html is closed, it spawns six small versions of open.html, which contain you.html in them. Open.html is the page that causes the pop-ups to bounce around the screen.
  • http://www.originalicons.com/smile.html and www.youdontknowwhoiam.org/lol.html - Mirrors of the you are an idiot flash.
  • http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/sierranaked.jpg/
  • http://www.funnyjunk.com/pages/fool.htm
  • http://members.shaw.ca/spudnewt/sierranaked.jpg/
  • http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/youare.php - This and the above 3 links lead to modified, harmless versions of you are an idiot.
  • http://www.theinternetisstupid.com/modules.php?set_albumName=album01&op=modload&name=Gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php - A full mirror of the Pain Series.
  • http://zeikfried.no-ip.com/GNAA/Kittens - A mirror of the first five Pain Series images.
  • http://myg0t.cc and http://sp0rkeh.us/truth - A website which, when gone to, activates a malicious code that spawns many browser windows, linking to Pain4.jpg.
  • http://klerck.org/pain4.jpg - Another pain4.jpg
  • http://leech.dk/bubblegum.php/eew.jpg - The page that displays pain4.jpg
  • http://leech.dk/eew.jpg - The picture used in the above link. Actually going to the picture redirects to the page.
  • http://www.wilwheaton.org - The wilwheaton site.
  • http://wilwheaton.org/CRUSHER/ - Wilwheaton's crusher. WARNING: Do not follow this link if you are prone to epileptic seizures.
  • http://www.ogrish.com - Ogrish.
  • http://www.retropay.com/goatse - RateMyGoatse.cx
  • http://vyr.us/idiot/index.html and http://www.lysol.ws/idiot/ - Browser Bomb. You should not visit it in a Javascript-enabled Web browser. WARNING: Do not follow this link if you are prone to epileptic seizures.
  • http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/rgb.php - This is a harmless version of Browser Bomb. This version does not abuse javascript. WARNING: Do not follow this link if you are prone to epileptic seizures.
  • http://www.snopes.com/horrors/graphics/wormeye.jpg
  • http://fiend.macker.co.uk/wormeye.jpg
  • http://ai.technocore.ru/pics/eyebug.jpg - This and the above two links lead to Wormeye.jpg
  • http://www.snopes.com/horrors/insects/wormeye.htm - A page telling about wormeye.
  • http://smoke.rotten.com/bird/ - Rotten.com's Penisbird picture.
  • http://dsl.thekremlin.net/wtf/penisfish.jpg - A related image to penisbird; this one of a man fellating himself with a fish. (Warning: graphic.)
  • http://www.homewares.org - An image of a Japanese woman covered in feces with a feces covered dildo in her face. One of a long list of multiple domains hosted by http://www.lolshock.com, each of which contains one shock image and an advertisement. Others in this set are 1man1jar.org, JapScat.org, DadParty.com, OctopusGirl.com, Hai2U.com, BottleGuy.com, Turdgasm.com, VomitGirl.org, 1Priest1Nun.com, BowlGirl.com, EelSoup.net, GoatseGirl.org, ClownSong.com, PhoneJapan.com, WormGush.com, WhipCrack.org, FunnelChair.com, LOLHello.com, MudMonster.org, NutAbuse.com, SuckDude.com, BMEPainOlympics.info, TubGirl.me, LemonParty.biz, Meatspin.biz, TheHomo.org, Selfpwn.org, Goatse.bz, ProlapseMan.com, WalkTheDinosaur.com, TheMacUser.org, LolTrain.com, FruitLauncher.com, MilkFountain.com and Homewares.org.