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First of all[edit]

I appreciate your reply. And I am calrm. I am sorry but this message was not for only to you. So I wrote it on a different forum. I apologized for giving misunderstandings. I am terribly sorry.

I think UnMeta is like an embassy. So, I just need sincerity and petition to many UnMeta managers. To that, I understand that "the other party understands, and a persuasive explanation is necessary." For persuasive power, it is best for me to translate and provide information that has been made public, as you are asking.

I am not suing you, so please understand it.

And this is the intention of this message[edit]

I want you to understand is that Muttley told a clear lie. I showd it that the probably that Muttley lied to you is higher than your computer or server was cracked.

He is lying in many things. And he don't understand that will be evidence. There are other many lies that he sayed in just a few lines.

  • He told lies that is to insist of my blog and twitter are unrelated to "Anonymous Investigator".

My website[edit]

My website is what I have is in order to do the right thing on the website. Therefore, it is registered in "Wayback Machine" and its contents are recorded automatically.

This log proves that my website is not created in "around December 2018". We can confirm that it already exists in "July 2016".

My Twitter[edit]

And my twitter was started on "August 22, 2015". There is also evidence.

If you translate the findings by software, you will get the following results.

@ganohr 's Twitter history starts about August 22, 2015 (Saturday) and it is about 3 years and 4 months (1, 224 days) .
The average number of tweets so far is 5.3 times / day .

Muttley is a Lier[edit]

With only a few lines, you can find that many peaces of lies are included. It shows that Muttley is a human who performs a impression operation by telling a lie.

What I'd like to do here is[edit]

What I'd like to do here is "to prove that Muttley is doing illegal blocking, no matter who sees it or the administrator of the whole world."

In additions, I think SHINJI and Muttley are not identical (I have already indicated that). So it does not matter about SHINJI. However, I'm illegitimately "labeled as an unjust human being" by Muttley, It can apear in the world-wide-web.

I will answer your biggest question[edit]

There are two reasons why I am doing this petition.

One reasons is[edit]

Because I currently do various activities under the name of "Ganohr". I will describe this details in my user page in the future. So why do I have to keep "False-charged labeld by Muttley"? I am innocent, Why do I have to gone out because of Muttley?

The other reasons is[edit]

The other reasons is many Japanese users know. But I posts it again.

The reason I write articles with JAUCP is that, in a nice sense, I can write caricatures and humor articles without being concerned about accusations. I suhld not write to articles about "Witted irony(like Japanese articles of Insta-Bae)" on my site. Only can is in JAUCP. As JAUCP becomes famous and has grown, the meaning as a caricature article comes out.

Last say is[edit]

Sorry it became very long. So I summarize the points.

  • My purpose is to peel off the label of "illegitimate user" was illegally put on me by Muttley.
  • For that, I will use my time to communicate evidence in English.
  • By this complaint, Muttley is lying and informing you that he always do the impression operation.
  • Please do not think this problem is easy. He is a person who raised many false charges and was once fired as a CU Administrator. And Muttley blocked fraudulently is not only me.(But others should do themselves.)

I'm not going to bother many UnMeta administrators. I will do of I can as I can. I want you(all UnMetas Admins) to see whether Muttley or me, whose is the liar. After then, Please tell me what do anymore.

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