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Welcome to UnMeta-Wiki, the serious global community site for the Uncyclomedia Foundation's projects (which at this time is pretty much the entire Uncyclopedian Family) and related projects; from coordination and documentation to planning and analysis.

Other venues for discussing the Foundation and these projects include the Uncyclomedia mailing lists (particularly foundation-l) and IRC channels. The site is currently being revamped to become the missing link between the allied ***pedias and a place where the Ambassadors will congregate to take over the place. When finished, we will provide information about the good, the bad, and the ugly in relation to the greatest sites on the internet: The Uncyclopedias.

We give Uncyclopedia's a place, give support, and more.

Everything happy and all, this should be filled in seriously.

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To give the world nonsense in any way. This is a precious non-precious project that keeps many people busy. Say this, and that, more explanation here.
Projects right here.