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Gaim.svg This user is active on IRC
using the nick Tegel.

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My name is Tegel and I'm mainly active on Wikipedia in Swedish where I'm an administrator and checkuser.
I'm also an administrator on Meta and a Steward.

I have more than one computer, but I only run IRC on one of them. That's why I sometimes seem to be active, but not responding on IRC.
But if you ping me enough, I will probably hear it from the other room... 🙂

I'm interested in cars, computers and electronics.


This user has never been further
As08-16-2593.jpg north Sweden Template:Coord
south Brazil Template:Coord
west USA Template:Coord
east Japan Template:Coord
... and higher than 4300 m (14110 ft)
... and faster than 170 mph (yes, on solid ground, that is...)

If I'm not here for a week or so I'm probably on a trip somewhere...