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I started the invitation letter, but it's not easy, and i have the feeling that i'm leaving out some important things. Please feel free to change the text or add to it, or give comments here on the talk page to make it better/more complete/funnier. I'll look at it again tomorrow. let the text ripen D. G. Neree 23:03, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

well, this invitation letter is almost perfect D. G., it summarize all the story and our basic purpose. Furthermore i suggest adding second part with another title that explains some benefits of sending ambassadors here and supporting Unmeta. We dont need to write that part in full sentences, only main titles are enough. Maybe in second part we can declare an Intercyclopedian Manifesto hahahahaa, it'll be so funny:)


  • Intercyclopedia do not form a separate union opposed to Uncyclopedia.
  • Intercyclopedia do not set up any special principles of its own, by which to shape and mould the ***pedian movement
  • When, in the course of development, language distinctions have disappeared, and all purposes has been concentrated in the hands of the whole ***pedias!


1-Abolition of property of Uncyclopedia and application of all property to public purposes.

2-Centralization of the means of long-term policies and diplomatic relations in the hands of the Unmeta.

3-Combination of all ***pedias with embassies; gradual abolition of the distinction between big and small pedias.

4-Extension of embassies and instruments of communications; the bringing into replace old content, and the improvement of the new articles in accordance with a common plan.

5-Equal representation to all ambassadors. Supporting establishment of new embassies and news services.

According to the Intercyclopedian Manifesto, these are prior conditions.

Marx and Engels would like it:) anyway we can make it more funny, so how do you find it?Assyrius 05:30, 16 July 2008 (UTC) Very nice! I think we should make the whole invitation this way. My version is way too sombre and serious. Let's see if it can be mixed. D. G. Neree 14:30, 16 July 2008 (UTC)

Hi D.G., i wrote last part for invitation letter, maybe its useful for your arrangement, you can change my words and add funny things (i dont like writing, i like drawing and designing a lot:)) and we dont have to use all of them only for invitation letter, maybe we put some parts to other pages, i dont know. and i suggest to keep your first version, it explains all the story and as an entrance part, we should have at least one paragraph like yours. and i think about your suggestion for the logo, let design some of variations and we can choose one from many:) (much fun for me drawing than writing)Assyrius 01:52, 17 July 2008 (UTC)

If you’re agree with our proposal and want to unite under the banner of Intercyclopedia, then contact with Intercyclopedia Embassy. Our procedure is very simple:

  • Choose a spokesman to write your answer.
  • Establish your embassy both on ıntercyclopedia and your ***pedia.
  • Appoint an ambassador(s) to initate relationship.

Your ***pedia will be accredited by Intercyclopedia Union as soon as your embassy is established. We hope you all join within our ranks soon!

Benefits of being an Union[edit]

  • Being in relation with all pedias, in meaning of sharing information, will make Intercyclopedia an international database for all pedias.
  • Recently found or growing pedias will improve rapidly by supports of other pedias’. By continuing long-term relations, pedias will be able to cooperate mutual projects.
  • Intercyclopedia will become an education center for contributors where they can improve their skills by sharing information and experiences each other
  • Linguistic and cultural differences will disappear, for Intercyclopedia will set up a common understanding over all cultures that is based on liberty, equality and fraternity! Two pedians from distant places of earth will know each other and become friends via Intercyclopedia.