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Forum: What the heck are the Polish up to: part 2
Note: This topic has been unedited for 692 days. It is considered archived - the discussion is over. Do not add to unless it really needs a response.

This is kind of a follow-up on the previous forum-thing that I wrote here a while ago. More technical and weird stuff that feels like worth mentioning.

Rollback with a reason

This is a gadget that mostly stems from a set of policies that we have adopted (explain things to users as simply as possible, be nice to them, hold their hands etc), but may be also useful for other Uncycs. Basically, in addition to the standard rollback link we added another one that displays a popup that lets you choose from a set of predifined reasons (things like artificially stretching out text, poor formatting, lack of humour). This has been tested on Vector and Monobook (I think).

The code is here. Gadget definition is something like this (in our case):

RollWithReason [ResourceLoader | dependencies=jquery.ui.dialog | targets=desktop | default | rights=rollback] | RollWithReason.js

The thing was written by Polskacafe. Special thanks to Grzeeesiek for the idea.

Star ratings

We made a star-rating extension, similar to the one used once on Wikia English Uncyclopedia (I think?). I won't get into details here, you can read all about it on its extension page. We are quite satisfied with how it turned out, it does exactly what we want. We are considering merging it somehow with Extension:VoteNY, we will see.


The Wikimedia Foundation is a selfish… thing, to put it lightly. Many of their extensions theoretically can be used on other wikis, but in practice it is almost impossible. UploadWizard is one of them, its full of dirty hacks to make it behave nicely on Commons. We really wanted a better uploader (we are aiming for license quality almost as good as on Commons), so we made a bunch of dirty hacks on top of that and… it works! You can find the repo here, but keep in mind that we made it specifically for our needs.

If you are interested in making UW usable on a wider range of wikis, please, contact me, best on my talk page. It's something I would like to do later, but for now a dirty hack is enough for us. Also, it shows which parts of UW require more configurability, so it's a start.

Nondane (Nondata?)

That has absolutely nothing to do with Undata. This is a meta-project that aims to apply bureaucracy to the Game (the Ungame or whatever you call it). The classic mode in our case is a 4500+ page mess that desperately needs moderation and deep changes in its structure. Sounds impossible, but we have quite a few talented people on board that know what they are doing. We set up a Semantic MediaWiki instance (you can find it here:, note that you cannot edit it without rollback permissions on Nonsensopedia) and we are filling it up with information about themes, plots, page types, convergence potential (how easily can you link to this page and still make sense) and other stuff. The point is to organise everything, cut out dead pages, better link to poorly accessible pages, intertwine plots that are related in terms of themes, do a lot of graph analysis and other crazy shit.

Now, I doubt that anyone on other Uncycs would want to do something similar, but still, if you want tips on how to do this, we will gladly share our questionable wisdom with you. Please contact me or Serscull for more info :) Currently we have indexed around 7% of all pages, a figure that we expect to rise steadily through months to come.

What's next?

As I mentioned last time, we will continue to work on the NonCommons project, especially the licensing and presentation aspects of it. We are considering a structured approach to licensing, similar to Structured Commons. As for presentation, at this point I am thinking of a custom extension that would generate dynamic gallerish streams of images based on categories, ratings and other stuff (that's still in early concept phase).

After MW 1.33 comes out, we want to try to introduce the VisualEditor. That would probably require some changes in its code, we haven't started on the work yet. This is (like UploadWizard) is due to our policy to simplify editing as much as possible.

Nonsensopedia is also going through a set of quite serious discussions about its direction for the next years (we are talking 5–10 years at least). We are slowly wrapping this up and the conclusion of that would be a kind of businessplan for Nonsensopedia that would guide the project in one, specific direction.

Ostrzyciel vel Magwac (talk) 21:35, 18 June 2019 (UTC)