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Welcome to UnMeta-Wiki, the international society site for the Uncyclomedia projects, the multi-language Uncyclopedias and related projects. UnMeta's discussions change from the coordination and record of current affairs to the planning and analysis of future acts.

The Uncyclopedias themselves change immensely, but it is our hope that this site shall be the missing connection between them as it grows. Here, persons of any and all projects will be free to not only talk to the death about what to keep common, but also to learn from others' differences, increasing not only the connections between the projects but the projects themselves.


On the news [edit]

Requests [edit]

For more news and information see Uncyclomedia News and Goings-on.

For mixed-wiki questions, please be safe you see the differences between Uncyclomedia-hosted and Wikia-hosted projects.
Mixed-wiki questions
»   Orders and adoptions
»   Deletions
»   Discussion purpose
»   Wikia questions
»   Translations
»   Logos
»   Skin help
»   Antispam and counter-vandalisim
»   Common orders
»   New languages/projects
»   Account an error

Society and communication [edit]

Necessary questions and help [edit]

»  Babel, a discussion place for Meta materials
»  Mailing lists and IRC
»  Meetings
»  Uncyclomedia Embassy, a list of common representatives by language
»  Uncyclomedia Forum, a multilingual forum for Uncyclomedia projects
»  Uncyclomedians

UnMeta Wiki.pngUncyclomedia Foundation, UnMeta-Wiki, and its sister projects [edit]

The Uncyclomedia Foundation hosts most of the different language Uncyclopedias, all with its own subset of projects, which are worked internally. UnMeta-Wiki attempts to be the coordination wiki between all languages.