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Here are the logs from #unmeta on December 1st, 2011.

The Logs[edit]

[2:23pm] Roye7777777:Well
[2:24pm] Roye7777777: [1]
[2:24pm] Roye7777777:something
[2:29pm] " Zombiebaron Roye7777777
[2:29pm] Zombiebaron:Nice logo
[2:29pm] Roye7777777:Thans
[2:29pm] Roye7777777:thanks*
[2:39pm] Lilivati (~rahah@unaffiliated/athyria) joined the chat room.
[2:51pm] Roye7777777:Slightly different: [2]
[2:51pm] Roye7777777:more padding and smaller pac
[2:54pm] Zombiebaron:Who made this:
[2:55pm] Zombiebaron:There's no log entry for it, but it says it was uploaded today....
[2:57pm] Lilivati:Zombiebaron makes a good point.
[2:57pm] Lilivati:UnMeta is buggy.
[2:58pm] Zombiebaron:Yes, lots of missing log entries
[2:58pm] Lilivati:Roye7777777: Padding?
[2:59pm] Lilivati:Heee, someone noticed the favicon and fixed it.
[2:59pm] Lilivati:On pt, I mean.
[3:02pm] Lilivati:Oh, and I made the potato thing.
[3:03pm] Zombiebaron:I like it, but I wish it was bigger
[3:04pm] Lilivati:It could be made bigger. Sizes are variable on all of them.
[3:04pm] Zombiebaron:Ok
[3:04pm] Lilivati:Also, did you see CH's response on the RfP page?
[3:07pm] Zombiebaron:Not yet
[3:08pm] Roye7777777:i did
[3:08pm] Lilivati:He wants to know you want to be a bureaucrat.
[3:08pm] Roye7777777:motivation why to become
[3:08pm] Zombiebaron:Replied
[3:11pm] Lilivati:Aye...
[3:15pm] Roye7777777:he meant, what you want to do with the bureaucrat-buttons. I think I can understand that, banned from uncyclopedia (as yesterday on irc), in combination with the fact that he is not an admired person there, and then an uncyclopedian to get bureaucrat-status...the power to get rid of his bureaucrat-status. suspiciousness, I think...
[3:16pm] Roye7777777:something like that
[3:16pm] Zombiebaron:I never asked for bureaucrat status on UnMeta though
[3:16pm] Lilivati:Okay, but Zombiebaron didn't ask for bureaucrat status.
[3:16pm] Roye7777777:no
[3:16pm] Lilivati:He asked for his admin status back after being explicitly told to do so on his talkpage, which he linked.
[3:16pm] Roye7777777:only a request
[3:17pm] Zombiebaron:I first made this request in August 2008 and was ignored
[3:17pm] Zombiebaron:
[3:17pm] Roye7777777:That is outside of my activity, but though
[3:18pm] Roye7777777:but spoken promises = promises
[3:18pm] Zombiebaron:I'm glad you agree
[3:18pm] Lilivati:That said, all ops, bureaucrats and otherwise, should be willing to operate in the best interests of a wiki regardless of their interactions with folks on another.
[3:19pm] Roye7777777:But though, I think i have to agree with Hennings question either
[3:19pm] Lilivati:That includes keeping promises, heeding consensus, and upholding the decisions of others unless there is good reason not to.
[3:19pm] Roye7777777:skipping typing the question, to get the project alive again?
[3:19pm] Lilivati:How did CartoonistHenning get bureaucrat status?
[3:20pm] Zombiebaron:Good question
[3:20pm] Roye7777777:i would not know that, but lets see
[3:20pm] Lilivati:The question is valid enough, but shouldn't stand in the way of upholding a prior decision.
[3:22pm] Roye7777777:lets see, user rights log
[3:22pm] Roye7777777:22:46, 5 March 2010 Alzheimlich (Talk | contribs) changed group membership for User:CartoonistHenning from Check user and administrator to Check user, administrator and bureaucrat 
(Hard worker on the unmeta.)
[3:22pm] Roye7777777:Alzheimlich did
[3:22pm] Zombiebaron:Was there a vote?
[3:22pm] Roye7777777:The project was dead then
[3:23pm] Roye7777777:as far as i can remember
[3:23pm] Roye7777777:then it seeems logical that new energy has to get space to grow
[3:23pm] Lilivati:The project still seems to be dead.
[3:23pm] Roye7777777:it is, but its more active than it was then
[3:24pm] Roye7777777:now, 4 users or something
[3:24pm] Lilivati:Well, you and RM seem to have helped a fair bit in that regard.
[3:24pm] Lilivati:But I am curious - why do you hang around?
[3:24pm] Zombiebaron:Oh shit D.G. replied to me
[3:25pm] Roye7777777:Why I do hang around was first to fight the spammers, but i got interested in the plans they got, (also with FO then), to get busy with other *pedia's, so intl.
[3:25pm] Roye7777777:not as content
[3:25pm] Roye7777777:but as a central spot for contact
[3:26pm] Roye7777777:like the purpose that it is , as cleared yesterday
[3:26pm] Roye7777777:made clear*
[3:26pm] Lilivati:Mmm, excellent.
[3:26pm] Lilivati:This bodes well.
[3:26pm] Roye7777777:Henning has also contact with carl
[3:27pm] CartoonistH ([email protected]) joined the chat room.
[3:27pm] Roye7777777:however, i condemn if that is a legit one
[3:28pm] Lilivati:What do you mean? Or does this bear discussing?
[3:28pm] Roye7777777:Henning is also admin on i don't know how many uncy's
[3:28pm] Lilivati:Through a vote?
[3:29pm] Roye7777777:no
[3:29pm] Roye7777777:adopting
[3:29pm] Roye7777777:all those small uncy's, newborn, when there is activity, that he can give rights to new users
[3:29pm] " Zombiebaron CartoonistH
[3:29pm] Roye7777777:to give them opportunities
[3:30pm] Lilivati:Wouldn't account unification work better for that?
[3:30pm] Roye7777777:Seems a bit hard for me, his account, unificate with others
[3:30pm] Lilivati:Then could just have some global admins to look after all the projects that need it without potentially giving people the wrong impressions.
[3:31pm] Roye7777777:So far as there was no one to handle that, he did
[3:31pm] Lilivati:Carlb would have to set it up, but it's definitely possible to consolidate the things across wikis while still keeping the databases largely separate.
[3:32pm] " Lilivati gestures vaguely towards what wikimedia does.
[3:32pm] CartoonistH:Zombie: do you want your admin rights or bureaucrat permissions back. as you stated here on irc that you wanted to have your bureaucrat status back, i was confused. so what do you request: sysop or crat`?
[3:32pm] Roye7777777:you got to know, Carl is not always online
[3:32pm] Lilivati:Or is there anyone else with server access?
[3:32pm] Roye7777777:Henning is more active, and if there is a question, he answers faster than Carl does
[3:32pm] Roye7777777:with rights, he can change them faster
[3:32pm] Lilivati:Of course not; who could be? But that's why I'm wondering if there are others. Seems like such a project would need several sysadmins to run properly.
[3:32pm] Roye7777777:and as long as there was no one else to handle that - he became
[3:33pm] Zombiebaron:I never had crat rights on UnMeta, so I can hardly have them "back"
[3:33pm] Zombiebaron:As I've said on the wiki, I'd like my sysop rights back, please
[3:34pm] Roye7777777:either, he's is propaganding the thing of carl, while unmeta is still his though. Besides, I always said that has nothing to do with the purpose of the unmeta-project itself... and well, this is Unmeta itself, so
[3:34pm] Lilivati:He was told he could have them back for the asking. Why is such a fuss being made about this?
[3:35pm] Roye7777777:Confusion about buro and sysop, i guess
[3:35pm] Zombiebaron:I think it's because they hate the English Uncyc
[3:35pm] Roye7777777:Meh, hate
[3:35pm] Roye7777777:i think its more like, they've banned me, beacuse of the thing with wikia then
[3:35pm] Lilivati:Eh, such weirdness involves with all of this..
[3:36pm] CartoonistH:Zombie: yeah, okay, by why do you want to have them back. you must give a valuable reason. this is an international community, man. not just some joke anymore
[3:36pm] Zombiebaron:D.G. says it has something to do with most of the Dutch users being banned
[3:36pm] Roye7777777:to be more strict - i don't give a what about the situation with wikia or anything
[3:36pm] Zombiebaron:Even though we all love diMario
[3:36pm] Roye7777777:Seems I am an exeption
[3:36pm] Zombiebaron:CartoonistH: I answered that on the wiki already
[3:37pm] Zombiebaron:
[3:37pm] Lilivati:The situation with Wikia is unfortunate, but not unresolvable, and not something that should be taken out on the individual users.
[3:38pm] Zombiebaron:Everyone at the English Uncyc hates Wikia
[3:38pm] Zombiebaron:We just also hate spammers
[3:38pm] Zombiebaron::)
[3:38pm] Lilivati:As carlb explained it, they were often more victims of the things than anyone, so antagonising them won't help anything.
[3:38pm] Roye7777777:Seems legi
[3:38pm] Roye7777777:t
[3:38pm] Roye7777777::p
[3:41pm] Lilivati:So what should be our approach to folks banned elsewhere?
[3:42pm] Zombiebaron:Case by case basis
[3:42pm] Lilivati:I'm leaning toward don't do anything to them on UnMeta unless they continue it there, too, but also don't let them speak for said elsewhere wikis and such...
[3:42pm] Lilivati:Aye, but a general rule tends to help.
[3:42pm] Zombiebaron:I don't think we can make a blanket policy for that though
[3:42pm] Lilivati:Hmm...
[3:42pm] Zombiebaron:Like you said, ban them if they continue to be dumb
[3:43pm] Lilivati:Although if someone tries to out another user or something, that probably should just be ban on sight sort of thing.
[3:43pm] Roye7777777:I think, in my opinion, keep the bans how they are - IF there is no reason to give a chance to it. With henning I would see, it is an international thing where admins got tired of him because he kept asking about that wikia thing
[3:43pm] Lilivati:On un-en, he was a dick and did not stop when told to stop.
[3:44pm] Roye7777777:he kept asking about
[3:44pm] Lilivati:One can ask unpleasant questions without being a dick.
[3:45pm] Lilivati:Even just spanning them out over time can make a world of difference.
[3:46pm] CartoonistH:Lilivati: sometimes I require seriousness for some discussion. for foreign relationships, irony/sarcasm/talking about tits/... is not a right method to approach foreigners with
[3:46pm] CartoonistH:Uncyclopedia gave me the impression there was no way have a good conversation
[3:47pm] Lilivati:Mon, I am no fan of the actions of emc, dexter and ape during that time, but nor does that excuse what you did.
[3:47pm] Lilivati:Just because someone is an arse at you does not mean you should be an arse back, and as an outsider it is especially important to not make a bad impression.
[3:48pm] Lilivati:That said, they should not have done what they did, but they also wound up banned for awhile as a result of continuing such behavior, so there is that much.
[3:48pm] Roye7777777:If someone is an arse, for me he/she should respond normally, if I gave a normal respond at the beginnign
[3:49pm] Lilivati:Mmm, continuing arsiness just makes everything worse.
[3:53pm] Roye7777777:so far as i can remember, what Henning said, did not include violent language, except that he kept on questioning because he did not understand the reaction. It is been a while though. Actually i have already forgotten it
[3:54pm] Lilivati (~rahah@unaffiliated/athyria) left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[3:55pm] Roye7777777:Anyway.
[3:57pm] CartoonistH:D. G. Neree has a point there. If someone would like to unblock both me and D. G. Neree, our point of view on Uncyc will change. I agree not all my arguments on that forum were right(full), but after all, it has such a bad taste regaring our relationship with Uncyclopedia.
[3:57pm] Lilivati (~rahah@unaffiliated/athyria) joined the chat room.
[3:58pm] CartoonistH:I think it's better to burry the battle axes what concerns Wikia
[3:58pm] Roye7777777:Yay, my voice is been heard
[3:58pm] CartoonistH:?
[3:58pm] Roye7777777:wikiawar
[3:58pm] Zombiebaron:DG just tried to come on the #uncyclopedia channel
[3:59pm] CartoonistH:i already said this a long time ago
[3:59pm] Zombiebaron:Someone should tell him about this channel
[3:59pm] Lilivati:What happened?
[3:59pm] CartoonistH:i said
[3:59pm] CartoonistH:he must come to unmeta
[3:59pm] CartoonistH:on msn
[3:59pm] Lilivati:Bury the hatchet, yes.
[3:59pm] Roye7777777:please-no-its-making-it-worse
[3:59pm] Roye7777777:that thing yes
[3:59pm] Zombiebaron:Lyrithya: Kicked right away cause he's banned
[3:59pm] Zombiebaron:Not sure how he even go in the channel...
[4:01pm] CartoonistH:D. G. Neree has a point there. If someone would like to unblock both me and D. G. Neree, our point of view on Uncyc will change. I agree not all my arguments on that forum were right(full), but after all, it has such a bad taste regaring our relationship with Uncyclopedia.
[4:01pm] Lilivati:And CartoonistH, if you put in a polite, concise request to be unbanned and mentioned being sorry with a promise to try to be nicer or something in the future, I'd find your unbanning on Uncyclopedia-en quite plausible.
[4:01pm] Lilivati:But as it is, from what I've seen, there was reason for the banning.
[4:02pm] Lilivati:Such things, however, are not open to negotiation.
[4:02pm] Roye7777777:but though. I personally don't understand the reason why DG was banned, with the info in the back of my head that he did also edits on Uncyclopedia, and was banned because of a user who spammed Oncyclopedia either
[4:02pm] Roye7777777:i forgot his name
[4:02pm] Roye7777777:manticore, anything like that
[4:03pm] CartoonistH:i think that was a history with some guy named Manticore
[4:03pm] Roye7777777:like i said
[4:03pm] Lilivati:I would have to look into what happened with the other guy before I could speak to that.
[4:03pm] Roye7777777:he can tell it better then I can, but... he has to come to irc first then
[4:04pm] Zombiebaron:Manticore was a wikia janitor
[4:04pm] DGNeree ([email protected]) joined the chat room.
[4:04pm] Zombiebaron:Nobody likes Manticore
[4:04pm] Lilivati:Why was manticore banned from UnMeta?
[4:04pm] Zombiebaron:Not even his parents
[4:04pm] DGNeree:hello
[4:04pm] " Zombiebaron DGNeree
[4:04pm] CartoonistH:finally!
[4:05pm] CartoonistH::p
[4:05pm] Lilivati:Greetings,
[4:06pm] Roye7777777:Well, welcome to the negotioations for World Peace , sponsored by the Penguin Safety Programme
[4:06pm] Lilivati:Is Seppy involved, then?
[4:06pm] DGNeree:thank you
[4:06pm] Roye7777777:no.
[4:06pm] Roye7777777:but penguins are cute
[4:06pm] DGNeree:and a special welcome to zombie baron
[4:06pm] Lilivati:Oh.
[4:06pm] Roye7777777:endangered, or am I wrong?
[4:06pm] Lilivati:Some species, certainly.
[4:07pm] Roye7777777:Possible comfused with the whales in darfur
[4:07pm] Roye7777777:anyway
[4:07pm] Roye7777777:to the point
[4:07pm] CartoonistH:look, the signal I want to give to Uncyclopedia is not negative. I just want to make clear I have no bad intentions with Uncyclopedia. As I want to bury the battle axes, I'm still open to negociate.
[4:08pm] Zombiebaron:So why do you keep bringing up Uncyclopedia?
[4:08pm] Zombiebaron:I never mentioned it.
[4:08pm] Zombiebaron:I'm talking only about UnMeta.
[4:08pm] DGNeree:same with me
[4:08pm] Roye7777777:Because, Unmeta is not complete without Uncyclopedia, I suppose
[4:09pm] Roye7777777:O wait, other subject, never mind
[4:09pm] " Lilivati hugs Roye7777777.
[4:09pm] Roye7777777:still a shame that the russians did not respond
[4:09pm] Roye7777777:after four/three months
[4:09pm] Roye7777777:but they have to know that from theirselves
[4:09pm] Lilivati:Have you talked with the greeks?
[4:09pm] Lilivati:They seem nice.
[4:10pm] Roye7777777:That guy came on Unmeta
[4:10pm] Roye7777777:was greek, right?
[4:10pm] Zombiebaron:Yeah the Greeks seem very nice.
[4:10pm] Lilivati:Which?
[4:10pm] Roye7777777:i cannot remember his name
[4:10pm] Roye7777777:give me a minute
[4:10pm] Lilivati:Was it JimmyX or Woody!?
[4:10pm] DGNeree:Zombiebaron: what is yhe problem?
[4:10pm] Roye7777777:or no, two is more legit
[4:10pm] Zombiebaron:DGNeree: What?
[4:10pm] CartoonistH:Zombie: if I have further plans to cooperate closer with Uncyclopedia, I can't work them out there, because I'm banned
[4:11pm] DGNeree:what's up?
[4:11pm] Zombiebaron:I would like my sysop status back, please.
[4:11pm] Zombiebaron:I have said why now twice on the wiki.
[4:11pm] DGNeree:i would like our bans lifted zombie
[4:11pm] Lilivati:if you're banned, address why you were banned, and take it up with those who were involved.
[4:11pm] Zombiebaron:Please link me to the banlogs for these bans you keep talking about.
[4:11pm] Zombiebaron:I don't remember banning you.
[4:12pm] Zombiebaron:Who banned you?
[4:12pm] Lilivati:What has this got to do with opping Zombiebaron?
[4:12pm] Zombiebaron:Also, yes, what does Uncyclopedia have to do with getting my ops back on UnMeta?
[4:13pm] DGNeree:it has to do with Uncyclomedia being a central point for the ***pedia's and not an battl ground foor strung up sysops
[4:14pm] Zombiebaron:Who banned you on Uncyclopedia?
[4:14pm] Lilivati:DGNeree: Please don't take this the wrong way, but for the sake of avoiding further drama I would advise rescinding your last post on the RfP page.
[4:14pm] Lilivati:We can sort it out here; leaving it there only invites others to get involved.
[4:14pm] DGNeree:Lilivati: who are you?
[4:15pm] Lilivati:I'm Athyria.
[4:15pm] CartoonistH:Olipro banned D. G. Neree
[4:15pm] Lilivati:Odd.
[4:15pm] Lilivati:Olipro usually doesn't ban people.
[4:15pm] CartoonistH:19:01, April 19, 2008
[4:15pm] Lilivati:Usually he harasses them instead. >.<
[4:16pm] Roye7777777:strange - i cannot find that greek guy anymore
[4:16pm] Lilivati:Maybe those were different times...
[4:16pm] Zombiebaron:Olipro was active on the wiki back in 2008
[4:16pm] Roye7777777:can be
[4:17pm] Zombiebaron:If you want to be unbanned, you'll have to talk with Olipro about it
[4:17pm] Zombiebaron:I'm not going to go over his head
[4:17pm] DGNeree:what i am saying is, that thre is no use in banning people without chance to reconciliation. People make mistales but schould not be banned for all time
[4:17pm] Zombiebaron:Yes, you can be unbanned if you talk with Oli
[4:18pm] CartoonistH:take him here
[4:18pm] Zombiebaron:type /msg Olipro Hey dude please unban me
[4:18pm] DGNeree:Zombie, please contact Olipro and CodeÔne and see if this matter can be settled. It would clear teh skies for all of us
[4:18pm] CartoonistH:ow sorry I can't access #Uncyclopedia
[4:19pm] DGNeree:and the contacts between oncy and uncy would be normalised
[4:19pm] CartoonistH:how should we address ourselves to our banners if we can't reach them, unless anonymously?
[4:19pm] DGNeree:Zombie, we can't discuss further. We are all blocked here
[4:19pm] Zombiebaron:/msg is not anonymous
[4:19pm] Zombiebaron:It is private
[4:20pm] Zombiebaron:So you can call him a faggot or whatever you want to do
[4:20pm] Roye7777777:I am not blocked
[4:20pm] Roye7777777:LOL
[4:20pm] CartoonistH:we never said we will call him a faggot
[4:20pm] Zombiebaron:That was a joke
[4:20pm] Zombiebaron::)
[4:20pm] Zombiebaron:Also, you obviously don't know Olipro
[4:20pm] Zombiebaron:Just msg him
[4:21pm] CartoonistH:why can't we talk about this in public?
[4:21pm] Roye7777777:i already did
[4:21pm] Roye7777777:Because you are banned
[4:21pm] Roye7777777:i think
[4:21pm] CartoonistH:this is not just a matter between Olipro and D. G. Neree
[4:21pm] DGNeree:Zombiebaron: i am past the stage of asking him. it's been 2 years
[4:22pm] Lilivati:Do you have any remorse for what you did?
[4:22pm] Zombiebaron:It's been longer since you deopped me
[4:22pm] Zombiebaron:How do you think I feel?
[4:22pm] Lilivati:Would you do whatever it was again if unbanned?
[4:23pm] DGNeree:if it was 3 years, you couldn't bn quite heart broken
[4:23pm] Lilivati:That said, the situation with Zombiebaron is completely different - he was deopped due to inactivity. He intends to be active. He was never banned here.
[4:23pm] Zombiebaron:I asked for them back in August 2008
[4:24pm] Zombiebaron:The fact that you didn't reply didn't exactly make me want to be active on this wiki
[4:24pm] DGNeree:the question still stands: why do you suddenly want youyr status back?
[4:24pm] Roye7777777:He answered that already twice
[4:24pm] CartoonistH:remorse? i said i agree there were actions which i regret now, but that doens't make me a Wikia lover
[4:25pm] Lilivati:And why are you making such a fuss? Please, stop fussing, reop the guy, and take up the issue of being banned as a separate issue.
[4:25pm] Lilivati:CartoonistH, darling, there is no great love for Wikia on Uncyclopedia-en, believe you me.
[4:26pm] DGNeree:Lilivati: the question is why.
[4:26pm] Zombiebaron:;_A_Plan_For_A_Better_Uncyclofuture
[4:26pm] Zombiebaron:Look see
[4:26pm] Zombiebaron:Even I hate Wikia
[4:26pm] Zombiebaron:We are comrades in this fight
[4:26pm] Lilivati:The issue was not so much what you were trying to say as how you went about it, and that is what I imagine folks would be more concerned about at this point anyway, considering all that has changed.
[4:27pm] Zombiebaron:Hail Hail Mother Russia
[4:27pm] DGNeree:if zombiebaron wants to Álean up'the site and make it a central point, isn't it logical to ask that we settle our differences?
[4:27pm] Lilivati:I'm having doubts about DGNeree, but you probably could get unbanned pretty easily if you just apologised and tried to keep your head down for awhile.
[4:27pm] TKFeck (~hailshalo@uncyclopedia/Thekillerfroggy) joined the chat room.
[4:27pm] TKFeck:woooooooooooo unmeta
[4:28pm] TKFeck:so meta!
[4:28pm] " Lilivati TKFeck.
[4:28pm] " Zombiebaron TKFeck
[4:28pm] TKFeck:lilivu llachar
[4:28pm] CartoonistH:welcome on Intercyclopedia
[4:28pm] Zombiebaron:TKFeck: These guys wanna be unbanned on Uncyc
[4:28pm] Zombiebaron:They were banned by Oli
[4:28pm] Zombiebaron:I told them to pm him
[4:28pm] TKFeck:DGNeree can be unbanned
[4:28pm] TKFeck:he's cool
[4:28pm] Zombiebaron:But they won't do it!
[4:29pm] Lilivati:DGNeree: The differences should not relevant to him as he was not involved with any of that.
[4:29pm] TKFeck:cartoonisthenning i think i remember did something weird one time
[4:29pm] Zombiebaron:lol
[4:29pm] CartoonistH:TKFeck, what was it then?
[4:29pm] Lilivati:And even if there are differences on another wiki, what of it? This is not that other wiki.
[4:30pm] DGNeree:well, if there is no agreement, tht's it for me: [4:30pm] TKFeck:CartoonistH: i dont remember!!!!
[4:30pm] TKFeck:but i remember it was weird i think
[4:30pm] TKFeck (~hailshalo@uncyclopedia/Thekillerfroggy) left the chat room. (Quit: TOMORROW IS ANOTHER TODAY)
[4:31pm] Lilivati:He's joking, right?
[4:31pm] DGNeree:i vote against the reinstating of Zombiebaron, because he furthers not the reintegration of the different languages, but does it solely for status and a foothold.
[4:32pm] Zombiebaron:You haven't been reading a word I've said obviously.
[4:32pm] CartoonistH:Zombiebaron: I will give you permissions if our bans will be lifted
[4:32pm] Lilivati:Okay, nevermind diplomacy... are you an idiot?
[4:32pm] DGNeree:i do havee my friend
[4:32pm] Zombiebaron:?
[4:32pm] Roye7777777:Seems an exchange
[4:33pm] Lilivati:I meant DGNeree, by the way. He seems to be being an idiot. Am I missing something?
[4:33pm] DGNeree:who is this idiot Lilivati?
[4:33pm] Roye7777777:I would say: give sysop rights
[4:33pm] Lilivati:Please tell me I' m missing something.
[4:33pm] Roye7777777:then negociate further for the unbanning on a nice 'n warm condition
[4:33pm] DGNeree:maybe we should let this rst for a day and talk it over tomorrow?
[4:34pm] Lilivati:That is not Zombiebaron's call, nor mine, nor anyone's who was not at all involved in the matter.
[4:34pm] Roye7777777:if its not success, and more fights, well, the coordinations, and cooperations fail
[4:34pm] CartoonistH:Personally, I promiss i won't start up forums about Wikia anymore. but at least give us the freedom of editing
[4:34pm] Zombiebaron:Yes, you have to talk to the admins that banned you
[4:34pm] DGNeree:roye, rightly said.
[4:34pm] Lilivati:As such, it is not relevant to this discussion, and continuing in this vein is only apt to cause further hard feelings than we already have, so please, don't press that,
[4:34pm] Lilivati:.
[4:35pm] Roye7777777:So, it seems wisely to show good will and give the sysop-rights now, in the attempt for unban
[4:35pm] Zombiebaron:I never did anything to you guys.
[4:35pm] Roye7777777:after all those years
[4:35pm] Zombiebaron:I don't know why the actions of other admins must effect me.
[4:35pm] Lilivati:affect*
[4:35pm] CartoonistH:because it's about international relationships
[4:36pm] Zombiebaron:No
[4:36pm] Zombiebaron:This is about you wanting me to do something
[4:36pm] Zombiebaron:That I cannot do
[4:36pm] Lilivati:If you wish to promote international relationships, follow procedure. Do this properly. Make a good impression.
[4:36pm] Zombiebaron:Too late for that
[4:36pm] DGNeree:Zombiebaron: you didn't do anything for uncyclomedia in 3 years either
[4:36pm] CartoonistH:we just ask you to bring Olipro and ChiefJusticeDS here
[4:37pm] Zombiebaron:DGNeree: I helped create the UnMeta wiki.
[4:37pm] Roye7777777:Suddenly, ChiefJusticeDS appeares from out of nowhere
[4:37pm] Zombiebaron:If it weren't for me, it wouldn't exist.
[4:37pm] DGNeree:Zombiebaron: and then you left it when you went to wikia
[4:38pm] DGNeree:uncyclomedia is not wikia
[4:38pm] Lilivati:Nevermind who was here first or what people have done and whatnot; please, don't relate unrelated issues.
[4:38pm] Zombiebaron:I didn't leave it when we went to wikia
[4:38pm] Zombiebaron:That's just not true
[4:38pm] Lilivati:We can try to bring related folks here if you would like, but it should not impact decisions regarding other matters.
[4:38pm] Zombiebaron:I left when UnMeta died
[4:38pm] Zombiebaron:Nobody edited it for years
[4:38pm] Zombiebaron:And now this
[4:39pm] DGNeree:are you crying? I hope it is not so
[4:39pm] Zombiebaron:lololol
[4:39pm] Roye7777777:damnit, please
[4:39pm] Roye7777777:The goal of Unmeta is not for propaganda for carl, and HAET for wikia or what
[4:40pm] Roye7777777:uncyclopedia is wikia, so what?
[4:40pm] Lilivati:Now, will you please reop him? He came here in good faith after I asked him to. He does not deserve this response and now I am beginning to seriously regret my part in this.
[4:40pm] Lilivati:We are trying to rebuild UnMeta, not for any personal gain, but for the wikis themselves - for, yes, wikia wikis such as uncyclopedia-en, but also for all the wikis who would wish to have a part.
[4:41pm] Roye7777777:True
[4:41pm] Lilivati:What I must ask, however, is who in tarnation would ever want to have a part in something that would give them THIS reception?
[4:41pm] DGNeree:Lilivati: ar you for real? I am starting to believe that the persontthat is calling himself zombiebaron is a fucking whimp
[4:41pm] Lilivati:UnMeta is about collaboration and communication and geese, so please, put aside your past differences with Zombiebaron and what you feel he represents and just take him as a Zombiebaron.
[4:42pm] Zombiebaron:So now its ad hominem attacks, DGNeree?
[4:42pm] Zombiebaron:Wow
[4:42pm] Roye7777777:I think peace is far away on this nice evening.
[4:42pm] Roye7777777:a bit cold, but though
[4:42pm] Lilivati:Yeah... >.<
[4:42pm] DGNeree:Zombiebaron: excuse me, i have the greatest respect for you
[4:42pm] Zombiebaron:So then why not op me?
[4:42pm] Zombiebaron:I have told you I did not ban you
[4:42pm] Zombiebaron:I am not Olipro
[4:43pm] DGNeree:but you could choose your secondants moor carefully
[4:43pm] Zombiebaron:secondants?
[4:43pm] Roye7777777:These bans are nomming our souls , that is something that is a black page in the history is en-nl contact
[4:43pm] DGNeree:'why not op you? because of this great differende op opinion
[4:43pm] Roye7777777:our is controversial
[4:43pm] Roye7777777:DG and CH then
[4:44pm] Zombiebaron:A wiki needs ops with different opinions.
[4:44pm] Zombiebaron:Different points of view.
[4:44pm] CartoonistH:true
[4:44pm] CartoonistH:but i don't think he means that
[4:45pm] DGNeree:that is why there should be no banning on eithr side
[4:45pm] CartoonistH:it's just our history with Uncyclopedia
[4:45pm] CartoonistH:we want to have it undone
[4:45pm] DGNeree:especially when people admit that they hev some tumes crossed the line
[4:45pm] Lilivati:You are crossing a line even now.
[4:46pm] Zombiebaron:Would you really rather i just leave? Is that what is best for UnMeta?
[4:46pm] Lilivati:I find it very probable that is was behavior such as you have been exhibiting in here that was what got you banned in the first place. This is of course entirely speculative, but it is also not the sort of thing apt to make one recommend unbanning you.
[4:47pm] Roye7777777:I had a hope that this could be done properly, admitting here, and haha-there
[4:47pm] Lilivati:That said, it doesn't matter, because this is not the arena for discussing such things in the first place, man.
[4:47pm] Roye7777777:but this seems to be going to a good ol' You this , then we that
[4:47pm] Roye7777777:seriously
[4:47pm] Lilivati:Yeah... the rules are different here, but they do not change what the rules are elsewhere.
[4:48pm] CartoonistH:DGNeree, I will give his permissions, even when I agree with you this should also have consequences on our relationship with Uncyc.
[4:49pm] DGNeree:sorry?
[4:49pm] Lilivati:This gesture of good faith does make an impression. Thank you.
[4:50pm] Roye7777777:For gods sake, I have passed my nice cake with oranges for this discussion, Let There Be RESULTS
[4:50pm] Roye7777777:In the Name of my Cake with Oranges
[4:50pm] Roye7777777::p
[4:50pm] " Lilivati eats Roye7777777' s cake.
[4:51pm] DGNeree:if you have decided on this without waiting for the outcome of this discussion, please be to kind to take away my sysop status on uncylomedia
[4:51pm] Roye7777777:You want to harm my good will for Unmeta and the future about it?
[4:51pm] Roye7777777:Stay. Away. From. My,. Cake
[4:52pm] Lilivati:Sorry. I'm bad at good will.
[4:52pm] Lilivati:Especially when cake is on the line.
[4:52pm] CartoonistH:Zombiebaron, DGNeree, Roye7777777, Lilivati: I have to finish some work. It will take an hour. I will follow this discussion passively
[4:52pm] DGNeree:this is also a breach of the principle that things will be decided in acoordance
[4:52pm] Roye7777777:I am going to sleep right now
[4:52pm] Roye7777777:so that comes to a very bad monment
[4:53pm] Lilivati:I'm going too.
[4:53pm] Roye7777777:I would say, tomorrow we go on (my heaaaart will goo oonnnnn) with this,
[4:53pm] Lilivati:Soon as I get kicked out of this room with its nice computers and outlets and shiny things...
[4:54pm] Roye7777777:or the diehards , stay
[4:54pm] Roye7777777:*-or
[4:54pm] Roye7777777:well, goodnight, or, for the other timezones, goodday
[4:55pm] Roye7777777 ([email protected]) left the chat room. (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243])
[4:57pm] Zombiebaron:DGNeree: You asked me why I left UnMeta. I would also like to know why you left UnMeta.
[4:57pm] Zombiebaron:Before today your last edit was in August 2010.
[4:58pm] DGNeree:Zombiebaron, the discussion has been muddled with personal intersts. Unfortunately, these personal interests interfere with the common interest.
[4:59pm] Zombiebaron:So you're not gonna answer my question?
[4:59pm] Lilivati:No, he makes a valid point - why do you come back after a year solely to question him, especially after you had already told him he would be reopped for the asking?
[5:00pm] Zombiebaron:
[5:00pm] Zombiebaron:Oh shit wrong window
[5:01pm] Zombiebaron:Disregard that everyone
[5:01pm] DGNeree:The reason i left uncyclomedia and the ucyclopedia and devoted my attention to writing articles for the dutch Oncyclopedia was for the fucked up atmosphere around poltical likings and dislikungs like you suddenly appearing and reclaiming your sysops rights
[5:02pm] DGNeree:which i am highly suspicious of
[5:02pm] Zombiebaron:And am I then not allowed to be suspicious of your sudden appearance to oppose me?
[5:02pm] Lilivati (~rahah@unaffiliated/athyria) left the chat room.
[5:03pm] Zombiebaron:The reason I came back to UnMeta is because Lyrithya told me about the wonderful work that was going on here to promote international relations between Uncyclopedias
[5:03pm] Lyrithya (~rahah@uncyclopedia/Lyrithya) joined the chat room.
[5:03pm] Zombiebaron:Something I support
[5:03pm] Lyrithya:Sorry about that; got booted from the room.
[5:04pm] Zombiebaron:You only missed me saying I came here because you told me about the good works happening here, and that I wanted to be part of it
[5:04pm] Lyrithya:Oh.
[5:09pm] Lyrithya:DGNeree: If you were not on UnMeta due to a dislike of unpleasant relations, then please do not promote unpleasant relations. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Be civil. Give peace a chance.
[5:09pm] Lyrithya:And various other cliches.
[5:11pm] DGNeree:Lyrithya: why don't jou go fuck yourself?
[5:12pm] DGNeree:to stay in the clichÈ mode
[5:25pm] Lyrithya (~rahah@uncyclopedia/Lyrithya) left the chat room. (Quit: Leaving.)
[5:36pm] TKFeck (~hailshalo@uncyclopedia/Thekillerfroggy) joined the chat room.
[5:39pm] DGNeree:hello TKFeck
[5:41pm] TKFeck:hi
[5:43pm] DGNeree:Zombiebaron: i'm sure you are in close contact with the other Uncyclopedia admins and therefor Olipro and Codeine. Maybe you could get them to swallow their pronal grudges and open the way to a new mutual understanding between the different languages 
[5:44pm] Zombiebaron:Codeine recently had a baby boy. He doesn't come by Uncyclopedia much any more.
[5:44pm] Zombiebaron:Olipro is always on IRC.
[5:44pm] Zombiebaron:You can talk to him yourself.
[5:45pm] DGNeree:i am banninised on the irc channel
[5:45pm] Zombiebaron:/msg Olipro
[5:45pm] DGNeree:im damned if i will do do
[5:45pm] DGNeree:'fuck him
[5:45pm] Zombiebaron:So then why should I?
[5:45pm] Zombiebaron:I can't help you if you can't help yourself.
[5:46pm] Zombiebaron:Also, this is in no way related to opping me on UnMeta.
[5:46pm] DGNeree:because with your request you are asking for a reconciliation between the8CLOPEDIA'S
[5:46pm] TKFeck:just talk to olipro
[5:46pm] TKFeck:he respects directness
[5:46pm] TKFeck:trust me
[5:47pm] Zombiebaron:Yeah, Olipro is very a very reasonable man.
[5:47pm] Zombiebaron:-very
[5:47pm] TKFeck:verily*
[5:47pm] Zombiebaron:Calm down.
[5:48pm] Zombiebaron:He can't ban you from private message.
[5:49pm] DGNeree:and anyway, i don't give a shit about uncyclopedia. i Have helped to build the dutch uncy to its current status and uncyclopdia has become a rip=off.
[5:49pm] DGNeree:thanks to people like him
[5:49pm] Zombiebaron:So why do you keep talking about Uncyclopedia?
[5:50pm] Zombiebaron:I am only asking for ops on UnMeta.
[5:50pm] Zombiebaron:You came back to UnMeta today to talk about this matter.
[5:50pm] DGNeree:bcause you are an uncyclopia admin, that's why
[5:51pm] DGNeree:why don't youj just short-circuit ths matter with your friends and get done with it?
[5:52pm] Zombiebaron:You have so far given me no reason to unban you.
[5:52pm] DGNeree:sorry, capslock before
[5:52pm] DGNeree:are yhou in a position to unban me?
[5:52pm] Zombiebaron:No
[5:53pm] DGNeree:wrell..
[5:54pm] DGNeree:why don't you settle this, let uncyc bury the past differences between the sits and join hands on uncyclomedia?
[5:55pm] Zombiebaron:I'm not the one who can do that
[5:55pm] Zombiebaron:I have no grudge with UnMeta
[5:55pm] DGNeree:jou are mistaken about that
[5:55pm] Zombiebaron:It is you who needs to bury the past
[5:56pm] Zombiebaron:The fact that you came here today to fight me proves that
[5:57pm] DGNeree:I want to undo the coverings
[5:57pm] DGNeree:but i'm getting tired.
[5:57pm] DGNeree:It's late here
[5:58pm] Zombiebaron:What coverings are you talking about?
[5:59pm] DGNeree:i m surprised though
[5:59pm] DGNeree:i expected a higher stance from your part
[5:59pm] DGNeree:all i hear is a sort of whining
[6:00pm] Zombiebaron:There you go again attacking me instead of my position.
[6:00pm] DGNeree:and that since you are one of thye people on Uncy that i hold in high esteem
[6:00pm] TKFeck (~hailshalo@uncyclopedia/Thekillerfroggy) left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[6:01pm] Zombiebaron:It's really funny that you think I'm whining.
[6:01pm] Zombiebaron:Because that's what it sounds like you're doing.
[6:01pm] DGNeree:it is not an attack, but al devaluaton of my regard
[6:02pm] Zombiebaron:You keep asking me to unban you, and I keep saying I can't.
[6:02pm] Zombiebaron:That's just not something I can do.
[6:02pm] DGNeree:why do you want the sysop stayus back? Tell me honestly.
[6:03pm] Zombiebaron:To help turn UnMeta into a place where people from all the different language sites can come and talk to each other.
[6:03pm] Zombiebaron:We get lots of people from other languages coming to the English site all the time.
[6:03pm] Zombiebaron:It would be nice if I could redirect them to UnMeta.
[6:03pm] DGNeree:if you cant unban the dutch admins and bureuacrats what use are you for unmeta?
[6:03pm] Zombiebaron:You still haven't given me log entries for all these users that are supposedly banned.
[6:04pm] Zombiebaron:Which I asked for hours ago.
[6:04pm] DGNeree:you are just a wikia spy
[6:04pm] Zombiebaron:;_A_Plan_For_A_Better_Uncyclofuture
[6:04pm] Zombiebaron:Read that
[6:04pm] Zombiebaron:Learn how I feel about Wikia
[6:04pm] Zombiebaron:Wikia has killed the site I love
[6:05pm] DGNeree:and a puppet for the totalitarian wikiasystem, however nice and whining you might seem to want to appear
[6:05pm] Zombiebaron:So UnMeta is only for non-wikia Uncyclopedias?
[6:06pm] Zombiebaron:I didn't realize that.
[6:06pm] Zombiebaron:I thought it was everyone.
[6:06pm] DGNeree:no, i think t is for people who support the idea of nonsense throughout
[6:07pm] DGNeree:but it has become an power struggle and you are one of the front men right now
[6:07pm] DGNeree:in stead of trying to settle the differences you just want your staus back as front man
[6:08pm] Zombiebaron:And how could I settle the differences?
[6:08pm] Zombiebaron:I would really like to help.
[6:08pm] Zombiebaron:But the only option you give is unbanning some users whose usernames I don't even know.
[6:08pm] DGNeree:by convincing your fellow admns to lift the ban on the dutch
[6:09pm] Zombiebaron:Show me the banned dutch users.
[6:09pm] Zombiebaron:Give me links.
[6:12pm] DGNeree:we are really tird of proving our existence. Do it yourself. All our admins are banned on Uncyclopedia, also on IRC, and i am the foree most one of them althaugh i retird from this egoistisc shit, because the fun of it all was complretely overwhelmed by actions like theone you started for no reason other than personal gratification
[6:13pm] Zombiebaron:I don't speak Dutch, how am I supposed to find out who your admins are?
[6:13pm] DGNeree:ar you a wiki/admin=
[6:15pm] Zombiebaron:
[6:15pm] Zombiebaron:Yeah I can't find it I don't speak Dutch
[6:16pm] DGNeree:I have retired myself from this shit because of you power hungry low lives
[6:19pm] Zombiebaron:I'm trying to help improve Dutch-English relations
[6:19pm] Zombiebaron:Please tell me the names of the banned Dutch admins
[6:21pm] DGNeree:do it by talking to olipro, codeine and this lesbian wika bitch whats her name and the fired wikia=troll Manticore
[6:22pm] Zombiebaron:I can't do that for you
[6:22pm] DGNeree:the names of the banned dutch bureaucrats are myself, Cartoonishenning and anyone who dared to speak in their defence
[6:23pm] Zombiebaron:That's not a very big list
[6:23pm] Zombiebaron:Please be more specific
[6:23pm] DGNeree:if you can't do that, then this convrsation ends
[6:24pm] DGNeree:bye
[6:24pm] Zombiebaron:bye
[6:26pm] DGNeree:i'm sorry, i hoped that everything would be cleared after years, but the friction stays and i don¥t think ther is a reason why you would bcome an admin on uncyclomedia
[6:27pm] DGNeree:but then again, i¥m not the one to decide, is it= It¥s just a shame.
[6:29pm] Zombiebaron:If you could just give me a list of the people you want me to unban, I can revue their bans on a case by case basis
[6:36pm] DGNeree:ask you buddies
[6:37pm] CartoonistH ([email protected]) left the chat room. (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[6:37pm] TKFeck ([email protected]) joined the chat room.
[6:37pm] TKFeck ([email protected]) left the chat room. (Changing host)
[6:37pm] TKFeck ([email protected]) joined the chat room.
[6:38pm] Zombiebaron:None of the people you mentioned are active on the English Uncyclopedia any more
[6:38pm] Zombiebaron:So I can't really ask them, can I?
[6:38pm] CartoonistH ([email protected]) joined the chat room.
[6:38pm] Zombiebaron:I'm currently trying to Google translate the Dutch Wiki to English
[6:38pm] Zombiebaron:I still cannot find a list of admins
[6:40pm] Zombiebaron:I can't really help repair Dutch-English relations unless you help me help you.
[6:41pm] DGNeree:the reasson theyb are not active anymore is because they are banned ±D
[6:41pm] Zombiebaron:...
[6:41pm] Zombiebaron:sannse is not a member of our community any more
[6:41pm] Zombiebaron:Manticore is not a member of our community any more
[6:41pm] DGNeree:lucky for you
[6:42pm] Zombiebaron:Codeine is not a member of our community any more
[6:42pm] Zombiebaron:Olipro is only a member of our IRC community
[6:42pm] Zombiebaron:Please give me a list of the banned Dutch admins.
[6:42pm] DGNeree:and they are the people who banned the dutch users
[6:42pm] DGNeree:and are still banning them onm irc
[6:44pm] Zombiebaron:Look if you can't give me a list, how can I help you?
[6:44pm] DGNeree:CartoonistH: do you rememebr the wikia/complaintsite=
[6:44pm] CartoonistH:
[6:44pm] DGNeree:ther is no list
[6:45pm] DGNeree:it is me, cartoonisthenning and maybe roye, i don¥t know
[6:45pm] Zombiebaron:Roy isn't banned from english Uncyc
[6:46pm] DGNeree:ok, that¥s a relief
[6:46pm] Zombiebaron:Is the list just you two? Before you said it was all the Dutch admins.
[6:46pm] Zombiebaron:Can't you give me a list of all the Dutch admins?
[6:46pm] DGNeree:they ar the bloody acti<ve admins
[6:48pm] DGNeree:I can¥t believe you are zombiebaron at all. Can¥t you find the bloody special pages=
[6:49pm] Zombiebaron:I. Don't. Speak. Dutch.
[6:49pm] Zombiebaron:I found the special pages, but where is Special:ListAdmin in Dutch?
[6:49pm] Zombiebaron:I cannot help you unless you give me that list.
[6:50pm] Zombiebaron:It seems more and more as though you don't really want my help.
[6:50pm] Zombiebaron:You just want to be mad forever.
[6:52pm] DGNeree:i am not md, just very dissapointed :)
[6:52pm] TKFeck:be disappointed all you want
[6:52pm] TKFeck:you're also being dodgy, unhelpful, and banned
[6:52pm] DGNeree:
[6:53pm] Zombiebaron:Ok. Finally.
[6:53pm] Zombiebaron:I will go through and look up why these users were banned.
[6:54pm] CartoonistH:Zombiebaron: if you want to look up special pages in foreign wikis, the English names work too
[6:54pm] DGNeree:as you can see, a lot of them has lef alrady, thanks to the go-games that have taken ovr the true adminship of a humorous siite
[6:54pm] Athyria:Can we please refain from namecalling?
[6:54pm] Zombiebaron:CartoonistH: Yeah, but Special:ListAdmin wasn't working for some reason
[6:55pm] Zombiebaron:Took me to an error page (I think, once again, I don't speak Dutch)
[6:55pm] Athyria:MArco isn't banned.
[6:55pm] Athyria:Marcobit is Marco's bot.
[6:55pm] CartoonistH:no it's always Special:Listusers/sysop
[6:56pm] Athyria:Roy777777 isn't blocked.
[6:56pm] Athyria:Polaroyd7 is Roy7777777's bot.
[6:56pm] Athyria:Rongo isn't blocked.
[6:56pm] Athyria:The only one on that list who is blocked is CartoonistHenning.
[6:57pm] DGNeree:Athyria: wise guy, the people on that list aren't banned except for henning. The others have left in disgust already
[6:57pm] Zombiebaron:But you said all the admins were banned.
[6:57pm] Athyria:Then why did you claim that they were banned?
[6:57pm] Zombiebaron:That was the start of all this.
[6:57pm] Athyria:Mon, what are you doing here, really?
[6:58pm] TKFeck:wasting our time
[6:58pm] TKFeck:peace, brahs
[6:58pm] TKFeck (~hailshalo@uncyclopedia/Thekillerfroggy) left the chat room.
[6:59pm] DGNeree:Pfffff zombiebaron is asking to be reinstated as a sysop to the people that were banned from his site, the mothership of all ***vlopdia's s that so hard to understand???
[6:59pm] DGNeree:bye fuckfeck
[6:59pm] Athyria:Okay, that is enough.
[7:00pm] Athyria (~root@unaffiliated/athyria) left the chat room. (Changing host)
[7:00pm] Athyria (~root@unaffiliated/athyria) joined the chat room.
[7:00pm] DGNeree:enough of what?
[7:00pm] Athyria was promoted to operator by ChanServ.
[7:01pm] Athyria set a ban on DGNeree!*@*.
[7:01pm] DGNeree was kicked from the chat room by Athyria. (You have been repeatedly uncivil, wasted time, made personal attacks on other users, and acted out of nobody's interest but your own. You are not active on the wikis you claim to represent, so please stop wasting our time.)
[7:01pm] Athyria was demoted from operator by ChanServ.
[7:01pm] Athyria:He can come back when he apologises.
[7:02pm] Zombiebaron:Thanks Athyria :)
[7:04pm] Zombiebaron:CartoonistH: Can we have a civil discussion about this now?
[7:04pm] Athyria:Quite frankly, I am astounded that guy is an op, considering how he acts.
[7:04pm] CartoonistH:always
[7:05pm] Zombiebaron:Ok, so, can I have my op status back?
[7:10pm] CartoonistH:sorry for being absent the last hours, but I had to finish some important work
[7:10pm] Zombiebaron:Oh that's totally fine
[7:11pm] Zombiebaron:IRC was made for lurking
[7:12pm] Athyria:Well, now you're here. One in the morning, eh?
[7:19pm] RAHB (~Rob@uncyclopedia/RAHB) joined the chat room.
[7:20pm] CartoonistH:In my opinion, DG has a point. he is a little disappointed because we give permissions to Uncyclopedians, while Uncyclopedia has two permabanned users from UnMeta. Still, I understand your point that a request for permissions should be independent from the situation on another wiki.
[7:20pm] " Zombiebaron RAHB
[7:20pm] " RAHB Zombiebaron
[7:20pm] Athyria:You condone his conduct?
[7:21pm] Athyria:Judging by that, I can understand full well why he may have been banned.
[7:21pm] Athyria:By his conduct here, I mean.
[7:27pm] Athyria:A little dissappointed does not cover, and nor does it excuse, the need to tell other users to go fuck themselves, making personal attacks, calling TKF 'fuckfeck', or otherwise being overtly uncivil and not even answering for what he himself brought up.
[7:28pm] RAHB:heh, "fuckfeck"
[7:29pm] Athyria:Yes, Zombiebaron is an Uncyclopedian admin. So am I, for that matter; what of it? If this really is part of a conspiracy, to what end would it be, and how much could either of us actually do? We're not trying to take over the wiki, Zombiebaron is just trying to get some tools to make cleaning it up and making it presentable easier, and I just want to fill it with geese.
[7:29pm] Athyria:Er, I mean, I want to make it... more usable?
[7:30pm] Athyria:Yeah, that.
[7:30pm] " Athyria mumbles about geese.
[7:30pm] CartoonistH_ ([email protected]) joined the chat room.
[7:31pm] RAHB:Double existence
[7:31pm] " Zombiebaron CartoonistH_
[7:31pm] CartoonistH ([email protected]) left the chat room. (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[7:31pm] CartoonistH_ is now known as CartoonistH.
[7:31pm] Athyria:Geeeeeeeese.
[7:32pm] CartoonistH:irc kicked me out for no reason
[7:33pm] CartoonistH:connection i guess
[7:33pm] Athyria:It said you ping timed out.
[7:34pm] Athyria:Did you miss my rant? It was a very important rant.
[7:34pm] Athyria:Except for the bit about geese. But you don't need to know about that.
[7:34pm] CartoonistH:from "Yes, Zombie is..." ?
[7:34pm] Athyria:Oh.
[7:34pm] Athyria:Crap.
[7:34pm] Athyria:I mean, the part about geese was completely unnotable. >.>
[7:35pm] Athyria:A... ah, a joke.
[7:35pm] Athyria:Yes, that's it exactly.
[7:35pm] CartoonistH:ok
[7:36pm] Athyria:So, how about that question, eh?
[7:41pm] RAHB:White Russian, please.
[7:41pm] CartoonistH:well, i don't think either of you want a coup d'etat on UnMeta. I don't see you as infiltrants. i think i never made clear i did so, but i still share DG's point that we both need redemption.
[7:41pm] RAHB:Wait, the question was "would you like a drink?", right?
[7:41pm] Athyria:The question was supposed to be, 'is it fine to be a complete arse?'
[7:42pm] CartoonistH:RAHB: dowstairs there is are bottles of rum and Belgian beer
[7:42pm] CartoonistH:are*
[7:42pm] RAHB:That doesn't make a white russian, even remotely, but I do love Belgian beer.
[7:42pm] RAHB:Substitute accepted.
[7:44pm] Athyria:And for redemption, you have to earn it, man. DG's approach certainly won't do that, but like I said, yuo probably could if you tried.
[7:45pm] CartoonistH:btw, where can i actually request this? i hope not [email protected]?
[7:45pm] Athyria:Most certainly not.
[7:46pm] Athyria:If you'd like I could try to arrange a meeting between you and the guy who banned you here, however.
[7:47pm] CartoonistH:make clear to ChiefJusticeDS, I won't "terrorise" Sannse on irc, that I will promise to not begin talking shit about Wikia again. that chapter is over
[7:48pm] Athyria:Alternately you could just pm him yourself; that may be the most effective. Mention you'd like to discuss yuor ban, be civil, blah blah blah...
[7:48pm] Athyria:You'll need to do that yourself, but you should be able to.
[7:48pm] CartoonistH:how? slash msg? look, i'm noob on irc. i don't use it much
[7:49pm] Athyria:/msg ChiefjusticeDS...
[7:50pm] Athyria:I can ask him to come here for you if that'd be easier, but I won't be able to speak for you.
[7:50pm] CartoonistH:missing required parameter message
[7:51pm] Athyria:Oh, /query to start it.
[7:51pm] Athyria:/msg just sends a message without opening a new tab/window/whatever.
[7:51pm] Zombiebaron:/msg ChiefjusticeDS <content of the message goes here>
[7:52pm] Athyria:It only works when he's online, mind, and I don't know how you'd watch for that.
[7:55pm] qwebirc265567 (5b7d9ca0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. joined the chat room.
[7:56pm] Zombiebaron:Hello qwebirc265567
[7:57pm] qwebirc265567:Hmm, that's very queer
[7:57pm] CartoonistH:The nickname ChiefJusticeDS does not exist
[7:57pm] Athyria:That's because he's not online.
[7:57pm] Zombiebaron:ChiefjusticeDS isn't awake right now
[7:57pm] qwebirc265567:I should not be either
[7:57pm] Athyria:At least not if he's in his right mind. Wasn't he doing night shift?
[7:58pm] Zombiebaron:Dunno
[7:58pm] Zombiebaron:I know there was a general strike in London yesterday though
[7:58pm] CartoonistH:he probably ran away when hearing this conversation was going on
[7:58pm] qwebirc265567 (5b7d9ca0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. left the chat room. (Client Quit)
[8:01pm] CartoonistH:Zombiebaron: i won't give you admin rights before Alzheimlich has spoken. This is a decision I can't make without the consensus of all crats. Kohl is a special case, he is just there for seremonial reasons (too long history, don't tell me why).
[8:02pm] CartoonistH:i will post a msg on his talk page
[8:02pm] Zombiebaron:Ok thanks
[8:02pm] Athyria:Didn't you already say you would give him the permissions?
[8:03pm] Athyria:And didn't DG already say he could have them back for the asking?
[8:03pm] RAHB is now known as RAHB|shower.
[8:04pm] Athyria:Sorry if I'm reading too much into this, but I don't understand why he still hasn't been opped. This is not something that should require the weigh-in of multiple bureaucrats.
[8:05pm] Zombiebaron:Athyria makes a good point
[8:06pm] Zombiebaron:I have already more than demonstrated my dedication to improving international relations
[8:14pm] CartoonistH:My decisions does require weigh-in, otherwise it's dictatorial to just op Zombie myself alone. Please have this patience, allright? I just don't want to have the ultimate clash between the crats - sysops - users
[8:15pm] CartoonistH:afterwards
[8:15pm] CartoonistH:something totally different: who is Alicia Keys?
[8:18pm] CartoonistH:I mean the user
[8:19pm] CartoonistH:
[8:19pm] CartoonistH:
[8:20pm] Athyria:A vandal.
[8:20pm] Athyria:Apparently.
[8:24pm] Athyria:It'd be nice if we could turn that mirror into a real mirror if/when Uncyclopedia-en leaves wikia... maybe add some stability.
[8:24pm] Zombiebaron:I got a complaint awhile back about how some content was still visible on the mirror
[8:24pm] Zombiebaron:But I couldn't contact any active admins there
[8:25pm] Athyria:Aye, as it is it has caused some problems and is in some ways a violation of the license.
[8:25pm] CartoonistH:i think carl just want it to be vandalised
[8:25pm] Athyria:Well, it was.
[8:25pm] Athyria:Now what?
[8:26pm] CartoonistH:the same he did with the french one
[8:26pm] CartoonistH:and the german one
[8:28pm] Athyria:I see.
[8:29pm] CartoonistH:carlb created these mirrors right after the Wikia flame
[8:29pm] CartoonistH:so i think he wanted to "steal" the wikis back from wikia.
[8:30pm] Athyria:Can't take a wiki without the community, though.
[8:32pm] CartoonistH:Carl is a genious, but some of his actions are pretty bizarre. just weird
[8:33pm] RAHB|shower is now known as RAHB.
[8:34pm] Athyria:Perhaps it's something we may want to address later, then.
[8:34pm] Athyria:When he has more time or something.
[8:35pm] Athyria:Also, could you please make DG stop? Now he's making personal attacks on the wiki. Talk to him or something, I guess...
[8:47pm] CartoonistH:generally i don't make other people stop talking. it's not that offensive.
[8:51pm] Zombiebaron:CartoonistH: I thought you said you were going to leave a message on Alzheimlich's talkpage?
[8:52pm] CartoonistH:done
[8:55pm] Athyria:You don't find what he's doing offensive? Not only is it rude, it's making him and the entire wiki look bad by proxy.
[9:04pm] Zombiebaron:CartoonistH: Alzheimlich hasn't edited UnMeta since August. Do you expect him to check his talkpage here?
[9:05pm] CartoonistH:he does reply when I post something there
[9:16pm] CartoonistH:okay guys, i'm going to bed right now
[9:17pm] Zombiebaron:Ok good night
[9:17pm] Athyria:Dream well.
[9:17pm] CartoonistH ([email protected]) left the chat room. (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243])
[9:18pm] RAHB:penispenispenispenispenis