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Once again, welcome to Uncyclomedia! On this page you can find some information about the Uncyclomedian rules and habits. Attention: This page is serious / boring / whatever kind of bad adjective and can damage your personal health.


No one may speak in front of Uncyclomedia, but Uncyclomedia's bureaucrats. They are the so-called "representatives".

"Joining" us[edit]

Joining us means "to be an ally". This means not that UnMeta will rule on your wiki. UnMeta's job is coordinating interwiki relationships, and giving advice to certain ongoing debates on an UnMeta ally. Wikis / Uncycs who have joined us are linked on Uncyclopedia.info (exceptions: Wikia Uncycs) and are qualified to have an interwiki link.

However still some rules about interwikis and linking:

  • When there is a democratic approval to join us, we will create an interwiki link for your project, but in return we expect you to adapt our interwiki list too (at least the ones which are hosted by us). If you don't do that, we won't throw you out of the Uncyclomedia family, but we won't link your project anywhere. It is just a matter of understanding good relationships.
  • After we have created an interwiki link, it will be difficult to remove it, certainly when the interwiki is used on diverse wikis.
  • Wikia wikis / Uncycs don't update their interwikis. We have asked several times to update their interwiki list, but they don't listen to us. Your project may decide whether boycotting Wikia Uncycs or not because of that.

Wikia debates[edit]

Uncyclomedia is generally against co-operating with any kind of server farms, because server farms are very often commercial and selfish. Wikia.com is one of those greedy companies. When you plan to move to a commercial wiki farm, keep in mind they will make money of your community and content, so therefore we always give a negative advice to any Wikia-related decisions.

Admins/Sysops here[edit]

Normally, admins are to be elected when:

  • they have contributed on the UnMeta wiki (here) in a positive way;
  • when they want to represent their project;
  • preferably when they are already admin on two or more wikis;
  • they can speak a bit English;
  • they fully understand the concept of Uncyclomedia.

Admins who have done a quite good job "interlingually" (not only here, but also on other Uncyclomedia wikis) may become a bureaucrat.

Freedom of speech[edit]

Everyone is allowed to tell their opinion about anything (which has to do with Uncyclomedia of course). Nobody may be blocked on Uncyclomedia, even when there are indications for "bad behaviour" on other wikis.


There is no project that is "inferior" to another project.