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UnMeta Policy 2012

Table of contents

Mind the difference between UnMeta and Uncyclomedia. UnMeta is the coordination wiki (the site you are reading right now). Uncyclomedia is the organisation, the covenant of allied websites. For the Uncyclomedia policy, click this link.


The role of this wiki is to coordinate other communities at a supranational level. The community of this wiki is therefore composed of members of other wikis, so the community on UnMeta can therefore be considered as international. The vague word "coordination" needs a bit clarification: the sovereignty of a wiki with a respected and developed community is not affected. Therefore you can say that UnMeta only has an advisory role. The international community may set embargoes and vetoes of partnerships with other wikis, if a negative situation is crossing a critical line. UnMeta can also speak for or against an international act of a wiki (thus, this is only meant as advice).

Coordination is done through discussion forums (conference room) and by using the appropriate embassies. The central wiki is UnMeta (the site/wiki you are reading right now) and not Uncyclopedia.wikia.com!!! If an international discussion would take place elsewhere, we will follow it closely. The reason why we want to be the one and only international place is because we provide a neutral space where everyone can speach free.


The official language is English, but if discussions are held between different communities where there is a linguistic consensus different from English, they may always speak their agreed language. However, an administrator may always require a translation to English. The reason why we allow this are practical considerations. Words in a translation can make a significant shift, causing unnecessary confusions. Translations are not made ​​up of a translator (Google Translate or Babelfish), but if the linguistic knowledge is insufficient, a translator can always help. The ultimate goal of the concept "language" is that a message is conveyed. The way how that happens is not so important.


The mission of UnMeta is that wikis can come freely to negotiate peacefully. We want a kind of central support place, where everyone can feel at home. A "refugee" is a somewhat heavy expression, but it's a sort of.

Of course we make priority of our projects as much as possible to place them into the picture by creating a lot of controversy by creating a load of content and (the larger a wiki grows, the higher its ranking). Plus, we want to reach as many people as possible by creating as many as possible linguistic communities that can be involved in the Uncyclopedia-event. Our ultimate goal is to take over the world and to conquer a place in people's collective memory. Uncyclomedia for world heritage!

A world which is changing to a sort of superficial Facebook-mentality, must be confronted with projects like ours. Uncyclopedia in people's own language is a must-have in their real language community. They can learn from us. They can learn how humour should be. UnMeta (as the central authority in the Uncyclopedia-family) tries to be world's Patronus of humour and wants to establish itself as an art form. UnMeta wants to unite the different Uncyclopedias to send a message to the outside world: that this concept of humor may and must exist. Humor is a product of human thought and thus of human existence.

Humor is brilliant, is thriving, makes you happy, inspires you to think. Or like they say it in Latin: FACETIÆ PROSPERANT


It's obvious that the concept of this central wiki will be similar to the concept of Wikimedia's Meta wiki, but of course with our own mission. There is always place for new projects and flexibility. So why having strict rules?


The vision of Uncyclomedia Meta (UnMeta) is mainly based on workable values ​​that can be integrated into a concept of humour. A supranational level of cooperation should also be applicable. Humor is simply a part of civilisation and is a universal language, besides music and other ways of approaching things.



Everyone who is willing to help the international community may sign up. "Helping" means constructive contributing by improving codes, layout, usability, making translations, participating in discussions and votings and by setting up (interlingual) initiatives.


Each language Uncyclopedia (Uncyclomedia hosted or not) may create an embassy here on UnMeta. An embassy should take care of relational concerns from other wikis and should be a meeting point between wiki A and wiki B. Each embassy has 1 ambassador.


Ambassadors should have the following qualifications:

  • knowledge about the local language and English
  • admin of the local wiki

Ambassadors should be elected through a voting on the local wiki (so not here).

User rights[edit]

User rights are something to take care about. They lead to a lot of controversy if they will be abused. So therefore it's kinda obvious we have clear rules about that.


Adminrights (sysop) are always given to users who want to signify something for the international community. Admins are compulsory to speak for their home community when they are asked to do so, even though they're not the official ambassador. This decision is made to avoid people becoming admin here for personal interests.

They have the duty to give their advice and vote to a new or a pending project. They also have the task to keep control over the site: helping new users, deleting offensive content/spam etc... see UnMeta:Ban policy for bans.

Requirements adminship

New admins will be chosen through a democratic procedure. Votings will be held conform the voting policy (see lower). New admins are required to:

  • have at least 100 edits on UnMeta;
  • be admin on one of the Uncyclomedian or Uncyc-related wikis;
  • have a special motivation why they want to become admin here.

If admins are absent for more than a half year (6 full months), they will be automaticly de-sysoped without any warning. Each sysop is responsable to follow up this period.

Starting a procedure for de-sysoping for other reasons

The most rightfull procedure to avoid de-sysoping is communication. Before starting a de-sysop procedure, one is required to discuss about the problem first. If no solution is reached, one can set up a voting. This decision-making voting is only advisory, the final decision will be made by a bureaucrat.


One may always de-sysop himself for any reason. If this means a significant loss in our admin "staff", we can consider an admin nomination of someone else.


Bureaucrats have the duty to keep general controll over the wiki. They do the same things like admins, but they still have a few more rights like (sys)oping users.

What can you expect from a crat?
  • approves decision-making issues and changes in the policy;
  • nominates users for adminship or bureaucratship;
  • speaks in front of the international community on UnMeta

If admins are absent for more than a half year (6 full months), they will be automaticly de-sysoped without any warning. Each sysop is responsable to follow up this period.


Checkuser right is given to sysops and bureaucrats. There has been a lot of controversy about this user right, so there is one clear message: don't abuse it.


Every user can apply to flag another user (or himself) as a robot. See UnMeta:Bot request. If you want to run a bot globally and you want to have it flagged on every wiki, request on that page too. On active communities: ask for the permission locally. You must give a reason why you want to run a bot.

User:Hymie le robot is an interwiki robot that is running on all Uncyclomedia wikis.


New languages[edit]


Requests for new languages should be placed on Requests for new languages. The international community must give approval for these requests before they can evoluate to a project. After approval a namespace will be made for the new project. If the amount of articles grows over time, we will consider to create a new wiki for the project. We don't give brandnew wikis anymore. It's to avoid empty boxes.

Read the manual how to request a new language.

Domain name

Normally, you may choose a domain name for the project (e.g. blablapedia.org), but if the project dies a few months after the request, it will be placed on a subdomain of .uncyc.org (e.g. nl.uncyc.org if this would be the case for the Dutch project). --2001:4898:80E8:F:0:0:0:24D 07:55, 20 March 2018 (UTC)

New projects[edit]

New projects (wikis that don't have something to do with new languages) should be placed on Requests for new projects. The acceptance process is the same like in Requests for new languages, but the final decision is always taken by a bureaucrat.

Domain name

New projects will have either the subdomain .uncyc.org or uncyclopedia.info. If there are other persons who are willing to cooperate with your project, you can always request a new domain (e.g. unblabla.org).

Other requests[edit]

We can't guarantee you that we can provide the best solution for your request, because some of all imaginable requests need sysop permissions on other wikis. Despite the fact that the international community doesn't have "stewards", international matters can always be discussed on our forums or maybe you should address your request to the server host.

Voting policy[edit]

All UnMeta users who have more than 20 edits and are older than 2 weeks have equal chances to:

  • set up a voting
  • give a vote


  • are always preluded by an explanation why a voting is held.
  • expire exactly after 7 days (if turned out to be an ex aequo, there may come a second voting), if not specified
  • are approved by a bureaucrat (once approved, no turning back)
  • are not binding, but advisory (still, it's unlikely that a bureaucrat will deny the choice of a community)
  • A majority requires 50% + 1 vote

Any substantive changes in this policy must be approved through a voting. This doesn't include spelling/grammar mistakes.

Behaviour and speech[edit]

Everyone is allowed to express his opinion about anything (which has to do with Uncyclomedia of course). Nobody may be blocked on Uncyclomedia, even when there are indications for "bad behaviour" on other wikis. We don't work with stigmatising terms that describe how a user is (like on Wikipedia), because "bad behaviour" is relative. If a user troll, let him troll (ignore). If there comes a moment when a troll is becoming an obstacle for other people's work, a cool block should be considered (see UnMeta:Blocking policy). This does not include swearing, blackmailing, whatever a troll tries to get other users depressed. If you are a victim, always try to stand above the bullshit. Keep doing what you were doing.

Still being bullied? Contact a bureaucrat immediately.

Users should keep in mind that every word they say on the internet is in public! It's their responsability. Everything they say can be used against them.

No one may speak in front of the covenant of Uncyclomedia, but UnMeta's bureaucrats. They are the so-called "representatives".

About using[edit]


There is nothing hidden from Uncyclomedia projects unless deleted revisions of pages and some offensive (privacy-violating) edits. If you were (one of) the author(s) of a deleted page, you have always the right to ask back your revision. If this applies to your wiki, request this locally through e-mail or ask an administrator to send it to your e-mail address.

In fact readers also "use" the content they read. They use it by reading it, but that does not mean readers are involved in what they read. In other words, there are no legal obligations for reading anything of the content on Uncyclomedia projects. You, as a reader, cannot be held responsible for what you read.


We won't sue you because of a copy-paste from our wiki in your personal work, however, we don't appreciate it if you abuse our content by "stealing" it for your public work.


This policy and the whole wiki is licensed under Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 and is protected against any use in commercial work.