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Imagine a world in which every single person has free access to the sum of all human stupidity forced upon them. That's what we're doing.

And we need your help.

Mission Statement

The Uncyclomedia Foundation is the mercenary Chapter 11 non-profitable parent organization of Uncyclopedia, Undictionary, QuoteUnquote, UnBooks, Uncyclomedia Commons and UnNews. The goals of the foundation are to encourage the growth and development of content-free, Wiki-based lunacy and to provide the full contents of those projects to the public free of charge and without being sued.

In order to achieve these goals, Uncyclomedia steals computing and network resources from eastern terrorist organizations like the bandwidth infidels we are.


Psychohistory records the creation of a massive project, in which a pair of Foundations were established to gather hundreds of thousands of scientists and experts in all fields in advance of the imminent fall of a mighty Galactic Empire.

The builders of the Foundation had foreseen the fall of the Empire, which encompassed the entire Milky Way, and a dark age lasting thirty thousand years.

Thirty millennia from the launch of Wikipedia until the ignorance and barbarism thus spread could be repaired so that a second great empire could arise.

Thirty millennia.

To shorten this period of barbarism, the Uncyclomedians created two Foundations, small secluded havens of art and science, on opposite ends of the galaxy. Their task, nominally, is to create the all-encompassing Encyclopedia which is to preserve knowledge of the physical sciences after the collapse.

One of the two Foundation groups would set to work on Terminus, a deserted planet at the edge of the known galaxy, while the other would operate from Trantor - a small minor planet which considered itself the centre of the inhabitable universe under the old Empire solely because of its strategic position as capital of Upper Canada.

Their ultimate goal: to defeat the Wikimedian hordes and re-establish a second Empire in a mere one thousand years instead of thirty millennia.


The Uncyclomedia Foundation now operates as an offshore corporation established in the republic of Porchesia, where it rests beyond the reach of all laws including Ohm's and Murphy's law.

The Uncyclomedia Organigram consists of:

Operations run from the Uncyclomedia Embassy and therefore enjoy full diplomatic immunity.


Here at the Uncyclomedia Foundation, we have plenty of merchandise.

  • NRV shirt
  • Oscar Wilde Quote shirt

More to come!


The truly magnificent, Uncyclomedia Embassy.

The Uncyclomedia Embassy is truly one of a kind. Featuring hundreds upon thousands... upon millions of dollars worth of internet script, the Embassy is heralded by all critics as the best embassy of all time.


Uncyclomedia is completely funded by the charitable donation of mat£rial p¤$$£$$i¤n$ from of you, the idiot public, and us, the idiot users. What the hell?

Units are in ¤ or number of items specified within UnMeta.

1000 ~ Liebermensch

500 - 999 ~ Guardians

250 - 499 ~ Patrons

99 ~ 249 Leaders

50 - 99 ~ Sustainers

10 - 49 ~ Wannabes

1 - 10 ~ Chumps

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