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This page is for the announcement of milestones on the Uncyclomedia projects. If you want to make such an announcement, please post it here and translate it if you can.

Recommended article-count milestones are 100, 500, 1k (1,000), 2k, 5k, then 5k increments to 20k, 10k increments to 100k, 50k increments to 200k, 100k increments to 1M (1,000,000), 500k increments to 1M, 2M increments to 10M. Other milestones, such as page edits or registered users, can also be announced here, but typically only the powers-of-ten levels of these statistics are considered significant enough to announce.

Uncyclomedia Forum provides a place for general discussion.

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February 23
  • Zeelandic Uncyclopedia, Oncypedia is launched.


December 1
  • Zombiebaron returns from the world of zombies to become alive again on UnMeta. Claiming his permissions back, he indirectly causes a debate about the relationship between UnMeta and Uncyclopedia.
October 3
October 2
  • Ekkipedia has now 5 articles made by Google Translate. Still better than nothing (or nothing better than Google Translate?).
September 20
  • On the Persian Uncyclopedia there are some disputes about user permissions because of a sudden activity.
September 18
  • There is activity again on the Slovenian Uncyclopedia, Butalopedija.
August 22
  • There is activity again on the Armenian Uncyclopedia, Angragitaran.
August 14
  • User:CartoonistHenning negotiates with Stupidedia about interwiki links. They said that there was a misunderstanding, so they restored the interwikis again.
August 13
  • Spam rears its head on some Uncyclomedia wikis
See: Forum:Mass Vandalisms 2
August 11
  • Icelandic Uncyclopedia, Ekkipedia is launched.
  • Faroese Uncyclopedia, Ikkipedia is launched. Initially the name Wikkepedia was chosen, but the current name is more analogical to Ekkipedia (is) and Ikkepedia (no), which means No(t)-pedia
  • There is activity again on the Simple English Uncyclopedia, Simple English Uncyclopedia.
August 7
August 5
  • Happy wiki quicky launching day!
  • Interlinguistic Uncyclopedia, Ninciclopedia is launched.
  • Frysk Uncyclopedia, Unsyklopedy is launched.
  • Flemish Uncyclopedia, Kweenipedia is launched.
August 3
  • The default skin has globally been changed into Vector. Some *pedia were enduring layout problems because of that, but the most part of the probs are fixed now.
July 20
  • African Uncyclopedia, Niesiklopedia is launched.
July 19
  • Mirandese Uncyclopedia, Çciclopédia is launched.
  • MediaWiki 1.19 (the new "silent" version of MW) is from this day on running on newly created wikis.


Summer (End of June till end of August)


November 9
  • Ah... The Galician Uncyclopedia (founded in August 17) integrates the Uncyclomedia family after frustrated negotiations with Wikia in the case of interlinks with other uncycs. Desgalipedia had been founded in the wrong place by mistake, said one of the users involved in negotiations with UnMeta.
  • User:CartoonistHenning gets involved in UnMeta by a putsch. The current active users were caught to prisoners and... hey wait a second... there were no active users at that time! Anyways, this period up till now is a milestone for UnMeta's activity: new Brazilian Desciclopedia spin-offs have been created, discussions about User:Kohl have been revived and closed down, the importance of UnMeta itself has grown, Wikia issues have been debated, a bunch of bugs have been reported, a load off server Internal w00t the fl00p ERRORZ have been endured... Real' good memories (that was not ironically meant :p)...


As you all can see:

(to some as a great shock, i'm sure) I have deleted over and about a 150 pages that where mostly articles that did not belong here but on the uncyclopedia. All this was done to give new life to this unmeta site for it's goal of an interwiki meetingpoint and headquarters for all the international and multilanguaged wiki's. The goal of this meta is (imho) to bond all te languages in a big family so that we oparate more as a whole like lets say our lame ass rip off sister Wikipedia (may Sophia destroy them all). Alzheimlich 21:54, 12 July 2008 (UTC)

This is what the experts say:

The fundamentals were badly shaken when Uncyc left, whichleft the place virtually uninhabitable. So their recommendations were as follows: Take away the parts of the building that have no support. It is putting the rest in danger and prevents future development. Then put new buildings on the open spaces and designate them as Embassies.

As the goal of UnMeta is taking over the world by sheer stupidity, it could become a portal for and to the different ***pedias, who will have a place to build their embassies and a place for Intercyclopedian communication. Every ***pedia will be invited to do so and send their ambassador(s) to party show off represent their homesite and to further international relations and the exchange of information hilarious absurdities. D. G. Neree 23:28, 12 July 2008 (UTC)


Arply April 2
  • The Illogicopedia leaves Wikia after realising Da Wikia Compania Mafia Incoporada wasn't the very right place to be. Illogico became part of the Uncyclomedia Foundation. However, the old Illogicopedia at Wikia is still visitable under the name "Wackypedia".


July 6
  • Finally, after a period of one year, Uncyclomedia Meta (UnMeta) movezz independent. The Rise of the Carl is a fact.
  • From then on, a number of new languages are founded by UnMeta.

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